Top Tips to Get Better at Cross Training?- A Must Read!

If it is your dream to get better at CrossFit, then there are some tips you really have to embrace, especially for newbies. This article is going to give you a heads up and act as a motivation towards doing it successfully.

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In my short story, I really wanted to be able to do a muscle up just like every other CrossFitter. Every once in a while, I would attempt ring jumps- I used to get frustrated with every attempt which always ended up in fails anyway. This seemed to confuse me since I used to be a gymnast just a while back. What had changed? How hard could it really be? I knew I had the strength to do it. I used to do pull-ups and dips just a while back, but at that moment I couldn’t do a single ring jump. Other people in the gym were always shocked whenever I told them I wasn’t able to do one. They didn’t discourage me though; they would urge me to try harder. Sometimes this only added to my secret frustration. After having ‘my ego checked’ I started, doing drills much better with a little help from a gym assistant. I could notice significant progress, and before I even realized it, I was on a successful journey towards being a Crossfitter.

Here are some tips I felt I had to share with you from my story;

Show up

crossfit workout

The first step towards achieving this is showing up- definitely, has to be. It is not as obvious as you may rush to think. When you actually get to the gym, you would be surprised by the number of people who seem always to forget this concept; I was not an exception myself.

Persistence is key in CrossFit

Skipping days that you know are going to involve some tough workouts, you think you suck at only make matters worse for you. Honestly, if you are going to stick to this mentality, then you are really going to suck at CrossFit. Drop that sulky attitude today and push yourself to your limits.


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If you are really up for this, then there is no way you can decide and show up once or twice a week. Running, spinning and other routine forms of exercise you’re holding on to- since you consider them ‘easier’ is not enough. This doesn’t mean you have to quit the exercises you love doing; I am simply trying to say that you have to make this your main focus to realize results faster.

Value your strength and sweat

Usually, many people who begin CrossFitting find that their endurance builds up pretty quickly. Exercises such as rowing, burpees and box jumps are never a problem after a while. You are going to love the good sweat associated with an awesome workout you’ve just had. In fact, in the gym, it’s quite sexy.

crossfit workout

Parting shot

The bottom-line to the message in this article, in a nutshell, is that; if you really want to improve on something, anything- then practice makes perfect! If you want to run a marathon race, get out of your comfort zone and run. And if you want to become better at CrossFit, don’t be a lazy ass, head to the gym- you can do it!

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