Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Affiliate in Cross Training

If you are a coach or you own a CrossFit gym, and you are yet to be affiliated, you are missing a lot. CrossFit is captivating the world of fitness, and everyone is pretty aware of that. Over the years, it has witnessed massive growth, and all that can be said is that CrossFit is here to stay. Gyms around the world are jumping on the CrossFit bandwagon with many training methods being invented day in day out. Before you think about joining CrossFit as an affiliate, below are four reasons to think through.

CrossFit Coach


Millions of people around the world come together and share some of the basic ideas on nutrition and movement which are set to change the world. The CrossFit community is a powerhouse that links you with a network of people who are determined to achieve some of the most robust goals. In a community like this, you share challenges and celebrate victories together. A CrossFit affiliate links you with a much stronger family.


CrossFit, unlike other conventional sporting lifestyles, is authentic. Therefore, if you have a gym and you do WODs, it is essential to affiliate to CrossFit so that you can allow your participants to enjoy the full benefits of the fitness industry. When you add affiliation to your gym, you make it unique among your peers.

A Network of Coaches

 CrossFit Coaching

Incredible coaches do not limit themselves to the CrossFit industry, but the network of coaches there is in CrossFit makes the sport a highly respected one. If we look at fields like running, weightlifting, nutrition, and business development, etc. there isn’t one that is as comprehensive in its community of coaches as CrossFit. By affiliating to CrossFit, you benefit from the immense knowledge these coaches have, but also you get the opportunity to contribute to it.


CrossFit Equipments

It can be argued rightly so that in the fitness industry, few entities compare to CrossFit in terms of the content provided. CrossFit is providing lots of content to men and women in the community in areas like diet, CrossFit workouts, and even personal development. The CrossFit Journal has lots of videos and textual content that can help you develop as a coach so that you can also pass it on to your members.

How to Affiliate

CrossFit Affiliate

There are five steps to becoming a CrossFit affiliate. The levels are enlisted below:

Step 1 – Application: Here, you complete general information concerning the entity you want to affiliate and do a small essay.

Step 2 – Location: You will be required to provide the exact location of your affiliate to be so that it can be prepared in readiness for the CrossFit affiliate maps.

Step 3 – Insurance: If you are an applicant from the UK or the US, you will be required to submit a proof of your valid insurance policy or cover.

Step 4 – Payment: Once the above steps have been successfully executed, you will be asked to make a payment to cover your first year as an affiliate.

Step 5 – License Agreement: You will be provided with a copy of the annual license agreement which you should e-sign and send back.

Once you are done with the above, you are right to go and congratulations!  You have officially been admitted as an affiliate.

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