Top 5 CrossFit Training Shoe Brands Other Than Reebok

Brands at times do shy away from supporting alternative sports whose future may not look promising. However, Reebok is different. They developed the first shoe to be used in CrossFit, and they became the official CrossFit games sponsor, injecting millions of money into this sport of fitness. Over the past few years, other brands have come into the scene, and they are quickly biting at the heels of Reebok as a leading CrossFit brand. Below are some of the brands that have tapped into this vibrant multi-million-dollar industry.


This brand is associated with clean products that perform well. Their latest CrossFit training shoe is known as Trainer. This shoe has a seamless one-piece construction comprising an extremely durable, abrasion resistant, and breathable material. The guard plates are constructed using a highly flexible mesh base layer that allows you to do rope climbs effectively.

Strike Mvmnt

This brand brings a classic, fresh aesthetic to CrossFit. Since their inception, they have been improving and honing their product to what it is today. With the release of their latest shoe, Chill Pill, Strike Mvmnt have completely reconstructed the platform and added some rope-resistant material to the sole while at the same time maintaining the lightweight construction of the shoe. This brand boasts of the superior foot strike athletes achieve when running or training in their shoes.

New Balance 

Previously, New Balance was famous for their running footwear. However, things took a new twist, and they ventured into the functional training scene. Currently, the brand has some of the advanced Cross-trainers used in many CrossFit gyms. The reason why their Minimus collection has become a favorite to many CrossFitters is that it is lightweight, durable, and has a low heel drop. Another key reason is that these shoes give you a variety of widths which many other brands do not.


This brand has been known for its comfortable and extremely functional shoes. They have a new release known as Met-Conviction which was developed and specifically tested for burpees, box jumps, running, lifts, and everything in between. It has a 3-millimeter drop and qualifies as a minimalist shoe which connects you firmly to the ground. It also has a removable sock liner to give you cushioning and to wick away the moisture.


This brand was among the first to hop into CrossFit, and as we speak, they are on their third edition of the F-Lite Cross-training series. This is specifically designed for the workout of the day. It has a descent 8-millimeter heel drop and close to 50% denser heel compared to the forefoot. What this means is that the shoe will absorb lesser power while more of the power will go into the ground. Thanks to the enhanced cushion at the front, you have ample padding for running and box jumps.

While these brands may not have the history and appeal that keeps them on par with Reebok, they are coming up quite fast and may with time dominate the CrossFit training arena.

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