Top 5 Cross Training Workouts for Beginners

CrossFit has become the buzzword in every fitness conversation. Its high-intensity workout regime with varying functional movements has taken almost everyone by storm. The beauty of CrossFit is that it can work with anyone as long as they are willing. Athletes ranging from ex-footballers to swimming professionals, have found CrossFit as a safe enclave to tone their muscles and improve their effectiveness.

CrossFit Workout

So much has been written about CrossFit until people out there have developed a certain picture that the workouts and weights used in this sport are scary. Since it is not easy, CrossFit Workouts are challenging and will push you to your limits. Below are some of the WODs that will slowly usher you into the CrossFit world.

Half Cindy

CrossFit Workout

This CrossFit workout can last up to 20 minutes, but if you can do ten as a beginner, it will be a great achievement. It consists of 5 pull-ups, ten push-ups, and 15 air squats. Since this WOD requires endurance, don’t be surprised if you are unable to rise from the ground following the first round. As you begin, you will be able to take the cue from your body system, and you will know how fast you hit exhaustion.

CrossFit Total Focus

This consists of 5 back squats, three overhead presses, and three deadlifts. Here, you will have to contend with heavy lifts which can be intimidating at times, but their purpose is to make you stronger. The goal of this WOD is to get you accustomed to lifting heavy weights. There is no timing here, but the focus is on learning the impact of the weights on your body. This workout requires form and if you are not quite sure how the lifting should be done, consult a trainer or someone who is used to lifting for assistance.


CrossFit Workout

In this workout of the day, you do a 400-meters run, 12 pull-ups, and 21 American kettlebell swings. While it is true that anyone can run, Helen is all about technique. Don’t make a mistake of running fast in the first round because you will get exhausted and unable to proceed. Endurance is very important, but it will take quite a while in the building. However, CrossFit will teach you on the match your body can be able to handle. If you want to modify this WOD, you can try Russian kettlebell swings or wrap a resistance band on the bar for assistance.

Sit-Ups, Lunges

This consists of 3 rounds with 15 sit-ups and 15 lunges. As an interval-style WOD, sit-ups, and lunges require that you push extra hard for about 3 minutes then resting for 2 minutes. The beauty with this WOD is that it enables you to buildup cardio while at the same time pushing up your endurance needle. If you find yourself getting comfortable at one level, you can add more weight to the lunge or add two more rounds to make them 5.

The advantage in CrossFit for beginners is that every workout can be modified. You can alter the time, weight, and even rep schemes. For success, you should always work your way up!

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