Top Cross Training Coaches You Should Follow on Social Media

Success in CrossFit training entails a lot of things. However, one of the most important is the kind of coaching and guidance you receive in the box. CrossFit coaches can either make you or break you. The following are some of the top coaches who will give you training tips that will make your workouts efficient and intelligent. You can follow them on Instagram and any other social handle they may have.

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C. J. Martin

He is a Level 2 CrossFit instructor, former member of CrossFit HQ training team and USAW club coach. Over his career, he has coached and still is coaching many games level athletes including Michelle Kinney, Garret Fisher, and Josh Bridges. His training secret is to bring athletes together so that they can push one another. He believes in community and the impact of peers. According to him, CrossFit success rests on balancing training with recovery. He also coaches online.

Ben Bergeron

Bergeron is well known for training some of the fittest athletes in the world. Before he came into CrossFit, he was an Ironman triathlete. As a top coach in CrossFit, Bergeron is keen to achieve relationship-based leadership as he trains his athletes. His view on coaching is that it should be all about building trust and trying to achieve more than just the results.

He is the founder of CrossFit New England which opened its doors in 2007 to coach some ordinary people into fitness and health. Currently, he programs for thousands of athletes on CompTrain Masters and CompTrain.

John Singleton

He is both an osteopath and CrossFit coach. He is a firm believer in creating an environment where every athlete keeps on getting better. According to him, training with a group of people is more beneficial compared to training alone or with one person. He founded The Progrm which is essentially a training program for CrossFit athletes. The main aim of The Progrm is to support athletes in CrossFit workouts so that they can optimize their potential.

Jami Tikkanen

Tikkanen is on record as having coached Annie Thorisdottir who is a two-time Games Champion. Also, he has coached many others including Jaime Gold, AzadehBoroumand, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir among others. His disciplined approach to CrossFit which he credits to his judo training has earned him respect and influence from his trainees. He founded The Training Plan which is a program to help athletes scale their training experience. He believes that training athletes to be great and to have a bright future is more important than their success in CrossFit.

Dave Durante

He is a multiple time USA Gymnastic Champion at the national level and in 2008 he was part of the Beijing Olympics team. He has helped coach Stanford University which in 2009 went ahead to win the NCAA team title. He is also a lead global gymnastic expert working for Adidas Gymnastics.

He has been doing CrossFit for close to 5 years as a level one coach. He is inspirational and keen on baby steps. His emphasis in CrossFit exercises is on technique and how it can help lift athletes’ standard in the sport. Other coaches worth looking for include Michelle Letendre and Christa Giordano.

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