Training Traps to Avoid for Success in Cross Training Workout

CrossFit training is a lifestyle and practically a never-ending journey. When you begin, you put goals which you want to achieve, but the moment you attain them, you quickly set others for the future. There is always more that awaits to be moved and more reps to be hit. Because fitness in itself is a journey, there are best chances you may get ensnared in several pitfalls as you strive for the top. Below is a discussion of some of these pitfalls and how you can avoid them.

CrossFit workout

Shifting from One Program to Another

There is a tendency for athletes to jump from program to program in search of new challenges and to satisfy new goals. Conventional wisdom dictates that if you are getting positive results in a certain program, there is no need to change unless you have a real reason for doing so. There are lots of programs such as gymnastics programs, squat programs, running programs, and lifting programs you can freely choose to follow in the open gym hours and do a CrossFit workout. However, what will make you not to be distracted is your personal discipline.

The golden rule is, if it does not break, don’t fix it. Follow the program you started with to the very end before moving to a new objective and a new program.

Poor Goal Setting

CrossFit workout

The SMART principle of goal setting applies not just in other spheres of life, but also in CrossFit. If one of these elements is missing, then you will struggle to achieve your goals. For instance, your goal should be time bound else there won’t be a sense of urgency to attain it. Even the CrossFit workout movements which seem complex, they also require deadlines. The best indication for well-set goals is those that make you excited and motivated to train daily.

Ignoring Your Limiting Factors

The definition of fitness in CrossFit revolves around increasing work capacity across modal domains and broad time. The main goal here is to become balanced across the board. CrossFit enables you to move heavyweight rather quickly, lightweight for longer periods and gives you capacity to run for long distances as well as become a good sprinter. The idea of becoming proficient in one area at the expense of inefficiency in another is highly discouraged in this sport.

Even if a certain movement gives you problems to execute, you should never ignore it because that is your limiting factor and you must face it head-on.

Copying Elite Athletes Online

CrossFit workout

People will always post videos boasting of some ridiculous feats. Some may post doing muscle ups with a med ball and weight vest while others may boast having completed some insane rounds of a monster workout. Whichever the case, you must appreciate one thing that their experience is different from yours and their programs are tailored to meet their needs. Stick to your program because it is suited for you and will help you achieve your goals.

Above all, one of the unforgivable pitfalls is to ignore the intangibles which include active recovery, rest, mobility, and CrossFit diet. If you do so, you are undermining your CrossFit workout performance big time.

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