What are Cross Training Shoes & Should you get a Pair?

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced Crossfitter, having the right type of shoe for your workouts and competitions is vital. After all, CrossFit shoes were made for a reason, to withstand and help you with all the exercises that are included in CrossFit! But are they actually worth buying?

3 Reasons why CrossFit shoes are a must have

CrossFit shoes are shoes made especially for CrossFit. They are made not only for heavy weightlifting, but also for running, doing the gymnastics exercises, and all the other exercises CrossFit entails. But if you can just use normal shoes, why should you buy them? Here are 3 reasons why!

Better safe than sorry

When you wear the wrong gear to a sport, it can severely damage you. The same thing goes to fitness programs such as CrossFit. CrossFit is made up of a variety of exercises, all of which you would need a different shoe for if you truly wanted to be safe.

CrossFit shoes are made specially to endure all of these exercises without having to change them mid-WOD (workout of the day). They are durable and comfortable allowing you to perform the extreme variation of exercises required in CrossFit while helping to avoid injuries. 


Being comfortable matters

Even if it might sound a little ridiculous, being comfortable during the WOD may be the difference between finishing it or stopping mid-way. Imagine your feet start to hurt while you’re lifting heavy weight, you won’t want to continue! And even if you do, you won’t really enjoy it.

This is why being comfortable is so important and running shoes will definitely not be comfortable enough for heavy weightlifting, for example. CrossFit shoes are made so you feel comfortable in them no matter what exercise you’re doing!

One pair isn’t enough!

It really isn’t, but not because of different colors or because you should go on a shopping spree. One pair won’t be enough because CrossFit shoes are also specialized depending on what you do most.

If you like heavy weightlifting, get a pair specialized in that. If you like cardio, get one specialized in cardio, and so on. How is it different from owning a pair for each exercise? Well, even if a shoe is specialized in weightlifting, it will also have the capabilities to help you in cardio, and vice versa. A normal running shoe might not help you in weightlifting and can cause accidents, and therefore, injuries.

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