What to Wear in Cross Training Gym

It cannot be disputed that CrossFit has a sense comradery and community around it. That said, starting out in this sport can be intimidating. The first day when trying out something new, it comes with its sense of fear and uncertainty. This article looks at enhancing the understanding of the CrossFitter to know the CrossFit shoes to wear and the other gear.

For the First Timer

When you are a beginner in CrossFit gym, it is not advisable that you invest much of your money trying out something. Who knows, you may not even like the gym. If you have never walked in deck, there is no need to do it at the CrossFit box. The best gear for first time CrossFit enthusiasts is an athletic tank top, a pair of shorts, and spandex leggings. This will give you the flexibility to do any workout.


Because CrossFit involves weightlifting, it is important to ensure that the footwear gives you the flexibility and stability. Compared to the other categories of shoes, running shoes have cushy soles which lift your heels above the ground. This is not the ideal way to squat or heavyweight. You should get a minimalist shoe because this combines well with the mid-distance running and great weightlifting.


The kind of socks you wear will help to protect your shins while performing box jumps, rope climbs, and deadlifts. With socks, you have an extra layer of protection between the box and you.

Hand Protection

This investment isn’t glamorous or expensive, but necessary. The gymnast tape is essential in keeping your hands from getting too rough or tear. With hand protection, the deadlifts cleans, and pull-ups you do will ensure your hands are safe from any unnecessary blisters.

What You Shouldn’t Wear

CrossFit gyms are not luxury points. You will not see scented towels or cleaning crews dusting the equipment daily. Instead, the sport will leave you dripping sweat after challenging yourself more than you had imagined. This space is not about looking pretty or having a workout wardrobe runway; the bottom line is the reassurance that once you get the hang of it and start seeing the results, you will be amazed at the level of confidence that you will have developed.

It is therefore important that you put on the right CrossFit gear so that you can have the best performance at whatever stage you exercise in.

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