Best Tube Resistance Band Leg Workout for You

Now you can strengthen and tone up your legs far more easily and comfortably at home using resistance bands. The use of resistance bands in strengthening exercises for legs significantly enhances the overall functionality and power. 

Moreover, you can also do a lower-body workout for better joint movement and balance. Here we have some effective leg workouts using resistance bands. 

Let’s take a look at how they benefit your overall functionality and strength.

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Resistance Band Squat

It is considered an ideal glute exercise using a resistance band. The resistance band squat typically works out your hamstrings and quads, which ensures that your whole leg benefits from it.

Stand on your feet and wrap the resistance band around your thighs above your knees. Stand with your feet at the width of your shoulder. Extend your arms outside in front of you. Gradually try to sit in the squat position by forcing your but down and back while keeping your core and glute tight. Force your knees against the band without moving your feet.

Banded Glute Bridge Pulses

For a better booty band exercise, banded glute bridge pulses are a perfect start. 

Lie on the floor or gym mat on the back and your feet flat lying on the ground. Both feet apart at the width of your hip. Wrap the band over your knees. Push the hip upwards until it reaches the height of the knees while keeping your core strong.

Gradually come back to the initial position and complete your one rep. Ensure to keep your knees outward the resistance to align them with your shoulders.

Lateral Band Steps

Wrap the band around your leg above your knees. Now stand in a position of quarter squat in which your feet are at a width of your shoulder and pointing forward. Choose one side. Let’s suppose right? Move 10 steps on the right side with your right foot, then come back 10 steps with the left foot to the left side. Your one rep is complete and now repeat the process.

Resistance Band Leg Curls

Lie over the floor or gym mat with your face down and legs straight. Wrap the band around the ankles. Gradually curl your one leg by bending the knees to move the heel upward to touch your butts. Stay in the position for a few seconds. Then bring down the curled leg in the original position. 

Resistance Band Tabletop Glute Kickbacks

Come in a position where all your fours touch the ground. Wrap the band around your ankles. Tight your core and glutes and kick one foot behind yourself straightly. Bring it back to its original position. Switch the leg and repeat the process.

Single Leg Resistance Band Box Squat

Resistance bands assist greatly in building stability and strength in your buttocks while doing butt workouts. 

Simply sit over the edge of the corner of the bench or chair. Put the band above on your leg from your knees. Due to the sitting position, bend your knees at 90 degrees.

Resistance Band Fire Hydrants

Come in a position on all of your fours. Put the resistance band over your thighs. Lift both your knees towards one side without lifting your hips. Ensure to straighten your body weight while pushing the resistance.

Bring back the knees to its starting position. Now repeat the process but with another leg.

Tube Resistance Band Sets - 11 pcs - 150lb Set

Resistance Band Standing Rare Leg Lifts

Stand straight and wrap the band around the lower limbs of your legs. Put pressure over the sturdy block or wall with your hands to maintain your balance.

Lift your one leg behind yourself until it gives you resistance in your band. Once you feel you reach the highest limit, gradually bring the leg back to the initial position while contracting your glutes. Repeat the process with the second leg.

Resistance Band Leg Extension

Lie over the floor with your back. Now bend one leg upward towards the chest. Hold the band firmly with both hands. Place the foot over it. While your other leg is still on the ground, push the leg on the band at an angle of 45 degrees. Bring the leg back to its initial position. Now repeat the process with the second leg.

Benefits Of  Resistance Band Leg Workout

The use of resistance bands in intense exercises and workouts offers a variety of benefits. Even various studies and research show that these resistance bands significantly in

  • Enhancing the functionality, composition, and whole life quality of a person.
  • Improving endurance and strength due to better-activated muscles.
  • Providing an affordable yet effective way to work out more.

Generally, some other expected benefits that a lower-body workout gives include:

  • Stiffness relief
  • Joint movement.
  • Balance

How To Choose The Right Resistance Band?

Selecting an appropriate resistance band for your workout is critical so that you can achieve your fitness and workout goals safely and effectively. There are various types of resistance bands available in the market. Each band is specifically designed to cater to certain types of workouts and exercises. Therefore, it is vital to choose the resistance band that significantly suits your workout needs.

  1. Types Of Resistance Bands

The very step in choosing an appropriate type of band is to understand its varied types. Each type as mentioned above is specifically designed to assist some workouts and offer unique help. 

Tube bands incorporating handles have a versatile nature and can be catered to in a variety of exercises, including both lower and upper body parts. They are also helpful in exercises where you need to lift weights because handles offer a strong grip. 

Mini bands or loop bands are specifically helpful for working out the lower body. It provides resistance in exercises like leg lifts, lunges, and squats to enhance muscle engagement. 

Therapy bands do not have any handles and are used in stretching and rehabilitation exercises. These bands offer soft resistance and, therefore, are perfect for enhancing the recovery and flexibility process. 

Heavy-duty bands or power bands are the strongest type of resistance band. They are designed to be used in intense training sessions for building strength and muscles. 

  1. Resistance Level

Once you understand the type of resistance band that goes well with your exercise, now understand the level of resistance you want. The resistance band contains color codes that describe the level of resistance. Well, each brand has its color codes. But in general, light colors such as yellow resistance bands have the lowest resistance level and are used in rehabilitation exercises or for beginners. The darker the color, the higher the resistance. Red bands give a medium resistance level and are suitable for intermediate-level workouts. Green bands have the highest resistance and are ideal for more intense workouts to build strength and muscles. While black and blue provide even the highest resistance level which shows that they are designed for athletes and experienced fitness trainers. 

  1. Fitness Goals

The type of fitness goals you have also determines the type of resistance band you need for the workout. People who are just getting into fitness or recovering from some injury are advised to start with a lighter level of resistance band. It enables your body to adopt resistance training without any injury. 

Whereas, people tend to focus on building endurance and strength of muscles and must go for medium-level resistance bands. It helps to effectively grow muscles. Intense fitness trainers or expert athletes who are seeking an intense workout routine must challenge them with the hardest resistance bands.

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