Best glute exercises

Personal trainer: Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips.

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1.Jumping Squats

Begin in a standing position with your feet at hip-width. Then, do a normal squat, lowering until your thighs are parallel to the ground. From this position, you jump as high as you can, and land back with your knees slightly bent, and repeat. If you have sensitive ankles, use ankle sleeves when doing an exercise that involves jumping so you do not damage them!


You start in a standing position with your feet at hip width distance. Then, you take a big step forward with one foot, and lower yourself until the leg that is forward has the thigh parallel to the ground, and the leg behind has the knee touching the floor. Then you go back to the initial position and repeat. Remember to protect your knees when doing this exercise using knee sleeves! (dumbbells pictured are not necessary)

3. Step ups

Use a chair, bench, wooden box, or even stairs. Stand straight in front of the object you will be using. Then, put one foot on the object and use that leg to press onto the object and bring your other leg next to it, so that you end up standing on top of the object. Lower one leg back to the ground and then the other so that you are back in the starting position and repeat. 

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