Trainer consulted: Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips. 

1. Can calisthenics build the chest?

Yes, calisthenics works every muscle in the body so it can build your chest with specific exercises within calisthenics, such as push ups or dips on the bar.

2. How do you build the upper chest with calisthenics?

With exercises like declining push ups and frog stands which focus on the upper chest.

3. Can I build chest muscle with pushups?

Yes, in fact, push ups are one of the ideal exercises when it comes to building up your chest and you can vary them in many ways. There are declining and inclining push ups, wide push ups, close hands push ups, diamond push ups, hold push ups, and many more variations, and they all focus on the chest.

4. Is it possible to build muscle with calisthenics?

Yes, even though you are using your own bodyweight rather than weightlifting, you are still putting resistance on your body that your muscles will adapt to in time, causing you to build up your muscles. This will also help you define your muscles quite a lot, and once you are advanced enough you can begin using weights on top of your own bodyweight.

5. How do beginners start calisthenics?

When you begin, do not use any weights on top of your bodyweight. Your bodyweight is enough when you are beginning. Focus on your shoulders. The aim is to achieve stability in them so that can become your basis for the exercises you will learn. Remember that it is very important to take care of your joints, so be sure to use protective gear, such as wrist wraps and elbow, knee, shin and even ankle sleeves. Of course, only wearing the ones you need to protect your weakest joints. Since you will be using the bar a lot, you can also protect your hands by using hand grips. You can find all of these products (and more) in Bear Grips.

6. What calisthenics skills should I learn first?

Hand balancing, pull ups, and dips are a great start to calisthenics, using only your bodyweight and no extra weights.

7. How long should you work out if you're a beginner?

When you are beginning, you should not workout for longer than one hour and always give yourself at least one rest day, if not more, especially as a beginner.

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