Exercise motivation hacks

CSCS consulted: Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips.

1. Pre-COVID: what were some of the reasons why it was so difficult to exercise regularly?

Pre Covid, the reason people find it so difficult to workout was because people usually cannot find the "time", In the world we are in we are always on the "go".

2. Post-COVID: what are some of the added strains that have made exercising regularly that much more challenging?

Post Covid, we are now living in the "new normal" where many of us are working from home, our kids are also learning and schooling from home, our schedules are blurred to both work and family life balance. Not to mention an added fear of public places, especially gyms, as the fear of the virus is in the back of everyone's mind.

3. What are offbeat / lesser known hacks (for lack of a better word) that can help us execute exercising more often when we're low on motivation, and what's the specific mechanism behind what makes each hack so effective?

Hack #1: Make exercising a priority, schedule it into your day as you would a meeting or a dentist appointment. By scheduling a workout into your calendar increases your chances of getting it done, just like you would a deadline at work.

Hack #2: Sneak a workout midday! Yes, we live in the new normal, where we are all home, all the time. You report in with a virtual login and spend your day on zoom calls. Take 15 minutes and simply stretch out, go for a walk, take the dog out, take the kids outside. By doing this midday, it gives you an energy boost and breaks up your day, it's like drinking 2 cups of coffee!

Hack #3: Use protective workout gear! We all have a fear of being in public places, but using products like Bear Grips Shield Gloves, which are full finger workout gloves, you no longer expose your hands to touching any surfaces. The touchscreen tips let you play your music and touch cardio screens. Added bonus is using their flexible breathable workout masks. Gives you more peace of mind as you get back into your routine.

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