How To Gain Weight Quickly: What To Eat & How To Train

Most people are tired of working hard to gain weight quickly but end up getting no results. Whether you want to finish your underweight, skinny era, or just increase weight for other reasons, you need to adopt a healthy, nutritious eating routine. Eating the right type of food in the right amount is crucial to gain weight effectively. 

Although gaining weight is a challenging process, with the right techniques and strategies it can’t be that much difficult. You just need to focus on getting energy and take it as a pivotal point in your whole quickly weight-gaining journey. 

Let’s take a look at a variety of tips about what to eat and how to train to gain weight quickly.

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Gain Weight Quickly

Usually, people who tend to gain weight quickly are dealing with other problems in their lives. For instance, less or no appetite, a busy lifestyle, or an accelerated metabolism. 

Well, the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of gaining weight quickly is eating a lot of food. Yes, you can gain weight by doing this but that weight would not be qualitative and healthy.

You can gain weight in two different ways. One is healthy and the other is unhealthy. With the help of a balanced diet plan, a well-executed exercise schedule, and the right supplements significantly help you gain weight quickly and in a healthy manner.

Why Is Exercise A Good Way To Gain Weight Quickly?

If you tend to build muscle mass and increase your physical strength, then opt for an anaerobic workout. The harsh and intensive exercise routine requires more energy which enhances your body’s appetite. This way you automatically want to eat more. 

Regular anaerobic workouts effectively increase the production of growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin in your body, which leads to healthy muscle mass gain.

Growth Hormone

Growth hormone refers to a type of hormone that increases in high quantity during puberty. It is important in the generation and regrowth of a cell. It also helps you grow faster.


Insulin ensures to regulate your blood sugar level and ingested nutrients in your body.


Testosterone enhances the protein synthesis in your body which leads to an increase in your muscle mass.

Exercises To Gain Weight Quickly

Anaerobic exercises like strength training and hypertrophy are perfect workouts to gain muscles quickly. Because these exercises usually involve high weight lifting which challenges your muscles more as compared to endurance training.

There are various types of high-intensity workouts to gain weight quickly. But with the help of the following tips you can enhance the results.

  1. Consider doing each exercise in 3 sets with a repetition of 8-12 times and some balanced weight.
  2. Must take rest for 1-2 minutes after every set. This gives you time to recover from the intense workout and helps improve your performance and strength during the training.
  3. Regularly training, but must give yourself a recovery and rest period.

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Push Ups

Push-ups refer to an effective home exercise to quickly gain weight. You generally lift the weight of the body while doing a push-up. This indicates that push-ups let you work on every single muscle in your body effectively. The more you work or have more muscles, the more calories burn. It will lead to weight gain rapidly.

Push-ups also help increase the strength in your upper body, which is crucial in doing heavy-weight exercises. So if you really want to gain weight, rapidly, and effectively, then consider doing push-ups. 


Another effective and effortless exercise to gain weight quickly is lunges. Lunges significantly help you increase weight in your body. This exercise also improves the posture of your legs.

Use a firm form to get effective results. Moreover, use weight during exercise to challenge your muscles a little more. Mix different moves in your lunges to be more practical like moving backward, forward, or on the side. Using barbells and dumbbells to increase weight is also beneficial to make lunges more challenging.

Ensure to not over-exerting yourself with the workout. Take rest in between and give yourself recovery time. The consistent and regular lunges surely help you quickly gain weight.

Tricep Dips

These dips can aid you in building muscle mass. Tricep dips are a versatile type of exercise that can be done anywhere at home, office, or gym. This exercise is highly effective in terms of gaining weight quickly. Even a study concluded tricep dips assist you gain 4-pound muscle weight in just 8 weeks.

Your triceps undergo a highly intense workout during each tip, which challenges your muscles. This results in an effective increase of muscle growth and you gain weight.

Pull Ups

Generally, pull-ups are used to lose weight but they are also an effective way to gain weight quickly. You just need to perform pull-ups in a proper form and controlled, gradual move. Pull-ups work on the big muscles on your back, therefore it is an incredible strength training exercise.

Pull-ups can be done using various hand positions which improves the strength of your grip. Regularly perform 3 sets of pull-ups with 8-10 repetitions along with some weight. 

If you find it hard to do pull-ups for the first time, you can also start with negative reps. With time, you can develop enough strength to do pull-ups easily and gain weight.

Dumbbell Overhead Press

Overhead press is considered the basic workout to gain weight. Overhead press is a type of compound exercise that works on the upper chest, triceps, and shoulders. You can perform overhead presses with barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells.

For better and more effective results, maintain your form strictly. Begin with your feet at the width of your shoulders and hold weight at the level of your shoulder. Now press the weight while keeping the core strong. 

Bring the weight back to the level of your shoulder and repeat the move again. Overhead presses effectively enhance the muscle weight in your upper body and shoulder.

Bench Press

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The bench press is no doubt an incredible exercise to do to gain weight quickly. This classic exercise targets your triceps, shoulders, and chest, which help you gain muscle weight and strength. Moreover, bench press when done with proper posture is a safe and ideal option for beginners. 

Lie down on a straight bench to do bench press press moves. Grab the barbell with your hands at a distance of your shoulder’s width. Bring the barbell lower to the chest and then press the barbell again to go back to the original position. Ensure to keep your back and core strength while doing the bench press move. 

Begin with lighter weight. Gradually increase it when you feel comfortable. Regular and consistent training ensures you get healthy muscle gain.


Many people believe that you can only gain weight by lifting weights. Well, it is not true. Deadlift also comes in the category of gaining weight quickly and effectively. The exercise significantly targets the major group of muscles in the body which includes arms, legs, and back.

Deadlifts are suitable for those who want to gain muscle mass faster. Moreover, it also helps you improve your overall power and strength. Incorporate deadlifts in your current routine to gain muscle weight.


Squats are also an excellent weight-gaining exercise. The exercise targeted muscles of your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It efficiently improves the strength and power in the lower parts of the body.

Squats show significant results in gaining lean muscle mass in your thighs and limbs. These moves also help improve your coordination and balance. 

Stand straight with feet at a distance of shoulder’s width and both hands at the sides. Slowly move your body down and come in a position as you are going to have a seat on a chair. Do this move while keeping the core and back straight and strong.

Once your thighs come in a parallel position with the ground, come back to your original position. Do not forget to take a breath throughout your exercise. You can also hold a dumbbell to challenge yourself while doing squats. 


You need a proper diet plan and well-executed workout routine to gain weight quickly in a healthy manner. You can’t gain your desired weight by just aiming for food. Also, do not rely on weight-gain supplements for a quick build of muscle mass. 

Always consider making achievable, long-term plans. Ask guidance from an expert physical trainer to make a proper diet plan and exercise routine suitable for your body's needs and desired goals. Remember, consistency and patience are a must while doing any type of exercise for an effective result.

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