How to Improve Your Grips & Strength Via Weight Lifting Hooks?

People are now more concerned about their fitness, and they want a strong grip that can help in their exercise. A strong grip in the gym or home workout will lift your muscles and productivity and make your fitness journey incredible. Grips are now available in the market for men, women, beginners, bodybuilders, and many others. If the grip is not strong, it can affect the whole exercise; therefore, it's the center point of heavy lifting and powerful workouts.

People who are obsessed with their fitness journey make themselves push to achieve new goals every day. They search for tools that can increase their productivity. The customer weight lifting hooks are the new in market, which we cover in this article. You will see its benefits, how to use them, and what wonders it can do for bodybuilders and lifting journeys.

Role of Weight Lifting Hooks

Gym enthusiasts are in need to increase their grip on weights. Here comes a gym accessory, Weight lifting hooks, that boost productivity and enhance the hold and grip of the hand to the weights like dumbbells and barbells. It has a wrist strap that folds around the wrist and a hook made of metal that sticks to the weight. Its connection makes a secure ground for weight lifters to trust their hands and lift heavy weights. 

The custom hooks of weight lifting make the pressure go away from our fingers and manage it on the wrist. This way, a stable weight will be distributed among the hands and you can lift more heavily than your regular lifting. You will not even have to take tension of injury and muscle. 

Tips to Improve Grip and Strength

You can rapidly improve your productivity and grip of your hand to lift heavier weights than the usual ones.

  • Premium Weightlifting Hooks: the choice of high quality grips for your exercise is the ideal way to start your fitness journey. The material of your grip must be top-notch, durable, and capacity to bear weight and have a strap to provide grip.
  • Hook Placement: The exercise and your productivity will increase if the hooks are tightly folded on your wrists. Make sure your strap is fit so you will not face any discomfort, and grip weights properly. 
  • Warm-up: Before starting the exercise, warm your hands, arms, wrists, and shoulders to increase blood circulation. Through this technique, your body becomes flexible, and muscles will get activated. The building up of muscles will show noticeable results.
  • Gradual Progression: your initial exercise weights must be low. Otherwise, your body can get strained and drain easily. As soon as your body gets stable with the weights and routine, increase the weights and use grips with them for more productivity.
  • Grip Exercises: Include the grip-focused exercises and schedules in your training sessions. It includes farmer walks, grip squeezes, and plate pinches. They combine with the hooks and enhance the grip strength.
  • Hook Utilization: Avoid depending solely on hooks. Make sure your strength routine is optimum by alternating between hook lifts and standard grips.
  • Forearm Fortification: include the forearm exercises in your training sessions like reverse curls wrist. They will target the muscles and activate them.
  • How to Use Lifting Hooks?

    The lifting hooks are the main accessory to lift your fitness goals. They will strengthen your grip and boost your weightlifting sessions. Using the lifting hooks, your lifting mechanism will increase, and your body will not feel pressure. That is the reason you can manage to hold more weight than usual.

    They will make your lifting sessions completely change, and your performance will also be boosted. Lifting hooks will make your muscles smooth, build those that are attentive, and prevent your body from harm. But it's not an overnight game to use such accessories, you need to be aware of how to use them and how they work. Follow the steps to learn how to use lifting hooks to get the most out of them.

    • Pick the lifting hook, and fold the strap on your wrist smoothly.
    • Make sure that metal hooks are folded on the palm side, so your lifting hooks will work gently.
    • Snug the hooks tightly, and attach the weight and dumbbells to the hooks.

    Now, start lifting weights, and make sure if you are a beginner, you start with lower weights. 

    Exercises to Do With Lifting Hooks

    Lifting hooks are not limited to only a few exercises. They work well with many workouts and work as the reliable partner that carries your loads. It works as a catalyst that supports you, provides you energy and makes sure you are safe and secure from any body injury.

    You may increase your strength of grip, maintain perfect form, and focus on the targeted muscles with lifting hooks on your back as guidance, support and gym partner. Few exercises that you can blindly start with lifting hooks and speak of your gym enthusiasm.

    Farmer’s Walk

    The main issue that trainers and lifters face when working on a farmer's walk is that their body feels fatigued on the shoulders, back muscles, and traps due to weak grip strength. Therefore, they usually compromise on their performance. The solution to this problem is to use the Lifting Hooks.

    They are the perfect gym lifting partner that will distribute the weight across the body and make you excel in your workout sessions.

    • Lean your arms at your sides naturally while maintaining a straight posture, and your feet should part.
    • Dumbbells must be on the ground. Drop down to a small squat, so you can manage the dumbbell in your hands.
    • Brace your midsection, drop and rotate your shoulder blades, and then stand back up. 
    • As you start to walk, make sure your shoulders are pushed back, your core is engaged, and your head stays straight.
    • Finish at least twenty steps.

    Lat Pulldown

    Lat pull-downs are now easy and can perform effectively, because of lifting hooks. By using them, your engagement of arms decreases and leads to the building and activation of muscles. The lat pull-down increases the muscles’ growth and improves their isolation.

    • After attaching the machine with the handle of wide grip, relax down and sit.
    • Start with the popped grip on the handle. Then, while extending your shoulder, drop the shoulder blade.
    • Pull the handle in the direction of your body in a way that your elbow faces your torso. After that, put it back to its original position.
    • Keep going at this and repeat it until you achieve your target number.


      For the deadlifts that are in high repetition, lifting hooks work incredibly well, especially when you target the 8 to 12-rep range. During such heavy lifting practice, these hooks will develop a stronger back by reducing the amount of arm activity.

      • Place your feet and hip-width at a distance and place the bar over your shoelaces.
      • After leaning your hip back and bending forward, bring your torso to the ground.
      • Using a double grip of the overhand, softly pull on the bar. Make sure that your armpits are clenched and parallel to the bar.
      • Lower down the hips and lift the bar gradually. Make sure the bar you are lifting is straight as you raise.
      • Make sure the weight is distributed evenly on your foot.
      • When your hips extend to its point, turn the motion to its starting.
      • Repeat the process to the maximum number of limits.

      Benefits of Using Weight Lifting Hooks

      The weight lifting hooks are a reliable partner for gym people and bodybuilders. They are also known as lifting hook grips and wrist hooks. They improve your capacity and allow you to lift heavy. The benefits of using the weightlifting hooks are in the below section.

        1. Increases Capacity: The hooks increase the capacity to lift the heavy weight more than the regular ones. Muscle activation and growth also increase, and they gain strength.
    • Reduced Risk of Failure: the usual grip weakens the lifting because of grip failure. It causes the chances of injuries and harm. Your customized hooks prevent you from such harm and offer secure grips.
    • Training Experience: using the weight-lifting hooks increases comfortability and makes your body strong. It makes sure that you get better posture and improves productivity. 
    • Versatility: the hooks are secure and flexible. They are available in multiple sizes, which you can use in versatile forms like for deadlifts, pull-ups, and rows. 
    • Joint Protection: as the custom weight lifting hooks provide a secure grip, the pressure on your joints decreases, and joint protection increases. It's best for people with forearm issues.
    • If you are adding weight-lifting hooks to your body, you can get multiple advantages and boost your productivity.


      The most demanding gym accessory, weight lifting hooks are perfect tools to enhance the training session energy. They increase the strength of the grips so that you can lift heavy weights and do multiple exercises more efficiently. The lifting hooks protect you from injuries and allow you to perform dedicatedly.

      It's not an overnight game that you can master easily, so you must know how to use them and how they work to get the desired results. You must not consider them as alternatives but as a support to increase your performance and grip.

      While opting for the weight lifting hooks, you must consider that its material must be of high quality, durable, has maximum grip strength, and is comfortable to use. The Bear Grips weight lifting hooks offer the best quality and high durability and increase your performance by giving optimum support.

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