How to Use Ankle Straps?

Whether you are looking for tighter and more toned legs, look no further and start your ankle strap exercise today. Your hip and leg workouts will show their more beneficial results when you start doing ankle strap exercises with the cable pulley machine found in the gym. This combination will help you increase the resistance, improve the muscle strength and shape your legs much better. So, start incorporating exercise into your daily routine from now on.

Stay till the end to get to know how you can use ankle straps for cable machines and achieve your goal of perfectly shaped legs.

Before talking about the ankle straps, Let’s examine the importance of lower body toning.

Padded Ankle Straps - For Cable Machines - For Resistance Bands - Set of 2

Importance of Toning the Lower Body 

Even if you work out on a regular basis, you probably overlook the workout of muscles that train your lower body. Usually, people ignore calves and hamstring build-up, as to get results in such areas, you need a lot of patience and struggle. On the other hand, the muscles of the arm, chest and shoulders build up more frequently on a few days of training.

It is crucial to pay attention to the lower body muscles and learn how strengthening and toning can reshape your body and benefit you. The benefits include:

Balance and Agility

The muscles present in the organs of the lower body, like hips, legs, and butt muscles, are mainly for support purposes. They help to stabilize the body; therefore, working out on those muscles will give you strength and tone them. Those muscles will balance your body and provide flexibility, decreasing the chances of harm and injuries. 

Athletic Performance

Sports enthusiasts who are into basketball, football, rugby or any other outdoor sport need a strong lower body. The reason is that the strong lower muscles enhance their athletic performance, so strong muscles are necessary.

Such people should invest their workout time in toning their lower body using ankle straps and exercising with a cable machine. Then they will see the difference in their sports and energy.

Boost Metabolism 

It’s impossible to boost stamina without exercising and lower body strengthening. If the legs and hip muscles are toned and strong, the body will stay energetic and help accomplish regular activities. The standard burning of calories will increase, and the stability of weight are other benefits of lower body strength.

However, shaping the lower body is challenging and requires a lot of effort; still, it’s more beneficial and effective than other workouts like cardio. Working on your lower body improves stamina and enhances metabolic activities.

Reduce Pain

A minimal issue of the muscles affects the body and causes weakness. It even causes painful knots; therefore, if you shape your lower body muscles, it will resolve half of your muscular issues. Moreover, it will also help to reduce discomfort if you spend maximum time on screens and lifting.  

Strengthening the lower body enhances back support and decreases neck and back pain. A good posture is also maintained through this.

The benefits of lower body toning have been present to help you understand how important it is to work on them.

Let’s overview the ankle straps and their working.

Padded Ankle Straps - For Cable Machines - For Resistance Bands - Set of 2

What Are Ankle Straps?

Ankle Straps are a useful gym accessory that helps tone lower body muscles. On the ankles, these straps are folded and tightened. It has hooks on the back and sides, which bind with the cable pulley machine for workouts.

It will help in the workout of abs and legs freely. They are the most unique and helpful tool for ankles for workouts as compared to others. 

Binding these ankle straps with the cable pulley machine helps your lower body perform the activity and build muscles more efficiently.

Ankle Straps for Cable Machines

In building up lower body muscles, ankle straps usually pair with the cable pulley machine. Together, they train your muscles and strengthen them. This method is the most efficient, and usually, athletes opt for it to boost their performance. There are many other reasons to use an ankle strap with the cable pulley machine. 

Sculpt Lower Body to Perfection

The muscles that are not the main priority get attention when using the cable machine's ankle straps. It includes building overall lower body muscles like glutes, hamstrings, and legs. It also tightens and makes the muscles stronger and leaner.

Perform Exercises

Usage of the ankle straps are not rigid. You can use them with any cable pulley machine and perform any lower body exercise. It includes hip abductors, glute workouts, leg extensions and workouts. You must invest in ankle straps to strengthen your muscles and improve performance.


If we compare the gym accessories best for lower body exercise, the ankle straps are the best. They are the most comfortable ones and easy to use. It will train your lower body parts, hips, butts, and leg muscles.

Remains Snug & Fit

During heavy weight lifting, the tools to strengthen the lower body part must be secure and fit tightly to the ankle. The ankle straps have hooks that help you pull extra weight and allow you to do heavy lifting. It will fold around your ankle tightly and improve your performance. 

In the below section, you will learn how to use ankle straps because you are now aware of its benefits and all the basics. 

Padded Ankle Straps - For Cable Machines - For Resistance Bands - Set of 2

Use the Ankle Straps Properly

To get the most out of your lower body muscles, you must opt for the ankle straps. The easy guide to use them on the ankle are:

  • Place the ankle strap on your ankle and bind it. Make sure it's not too tight and loose, and place it before the ankle bone.
  • When one end of the strap is placed on the ankle, attach the next one to the cable pulley machine.

This is all you need to do when starting your exercise. Now, overview the exercises you can perform after putting them on.

Cable Exercises

The cable exercises are the perfect pick for any sports enthusiast who wants to build lean muscles. It helps build muscles, targets those who need fitness and serves body stability.

Using the cable exercise, the body tension around the lower body muscles increases and activates them. The overall strength increases, and the muscle mass boosts up through this.

Cable Kickbacks

The Cable glute exercise is the most effective when you want to shape the lower body muscles. It will train the body, give strength, and enhance the activity of glute muscles through the glute kickbacks.

Cable Machine Hamstring Curl

If the kickbacks are specifically for the glutes, then the Cable Machine Hamstring Curl exercise is for hamstring buildup. These are major ones in legs which provide strength. It needs the combination of the ankle strap and pulley machine that decreases the resistance and uplifts the feet to the glutes. It stabilize the body, improves performance and enhances leg strength.

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Padded Ankle Straps - For Cable Machines - For Resistance Bands - Set of 2

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To achieve the perfect lower body, ankle straps are the best accessories anyone can choose. They are the ideal partner to shape your lower body muscles, adding resistance and fits to the maximum exercises. It makes the body muscles strong to manage the body's stability and allows you to lift heavy loads easily.

All you need to do is attach the straps above your ankle bone and the next side to the machine. Initiate your exercise of legs, butts, and glutes to make them stronger. They are flexible and easy to use. Additionally, the straps are available in multiple sizes to snug to the body and increase productivity. Using the ankle straps of Bear Grip, you can end your standard exercising techniques and make your body speakable.

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