The Best Leg Workout For Your Leg Day

A killer leg day workout is quite a trend these days. If you are one of the fitness enthusiasts or a beginner who is looking for the best leg workouts, then here you are going to get all of these. We have compiled some best leg workout routines for your killer leg day.

You just have to follow these exercises for around 8-12 weeks along with a healthy caloric and protein diet and good sleep, you'll definitely feel a greater change in your lower body parts.

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The Ultimate Best Leg Workout

All of these intense leg exercises help you gain strength and muscles in the lower part of the body. For better results, follow the leg workout routine for just one day and avoid doing any further leg exercises the rest of the week.

Barbell Back Squat

This is an effective leg workout for building strength and muscles in the lower part of the body. It enables you to work out with heavy weights. The gradual and consistent barbell back squat helps you to gain satisfied strength and size of the muscles.

Follow these steps to do a proper rep of barbell back squat.

  1. Put the barbell in the racks of squat at your breastbone height. 
  2. Come inside the bar and bring the blades of your shoulder together. Put the bar between the shoulder blades and bony ridges.
  3. Take out the bar from its rack and step 1 or 2 steps backward. Stand with flat feet a little wider than the width of your shoulders with toes pointing outside.
  4. Now sit in a squat position. Keep your core tight and back straight. Ensure to keep your knees outward throughout the whole rep.
  5. Gradually stand up and go back to your initial position.

Note: to avoid the caving of your knees when you stand after one rep, ensure to not move your feet from their position. When you do this, the muscles of the gluteal will activate which helps you to support or lift more weight easily and prevent injury and pain.

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Romanian Deadlift

The RDL or Romanian deadlift works the posterior chain or you can say your back muscles. It works similarly to a standard deadlift. Well, the only difference is that the Romanian deadlift focuses on the glutes and hamstrings instead of the back. Moreover, RDL is much more convenient to do as compared to standard deadlift, which allows you to do it more frequently without tiring yourself.

If you have some injury record that makes the RDL move difficult for you, you can also alternate it with hip thrust. This exercise also works the hamstrings and glutes at a high level but puts very much less stress and strain on your back. Therefore, it can be the best alternative to the Romanian deadlift.

For doing a Romanian Deadlift:

  1. Stand straight with your feet at shoulder width apart. Hold the loaded barbell with your palms facing your face.
  2. Keep your back straight and take the weight downwards towards the ground straight while keeping both of your legs straight which helps your butt to move as you lower.
  3. As you feel a little stretch in the hamstrings, gradually bend the knees more and keep going downwards until your back starts curling.
  4. Once you reach your limit, slowly come back to your initial position.

Note: If you let the barbell slide from the body, it may round your back and cause injuries. Therefore, it is best to focus on pulling up the bar and contracting the upper muscles of your back throughout the whole rep.

Dumbbell Lunge

The Dumbbell lunge efficiently works your whole lower body, which makes it an ideal exercise for a killer leg day workout. Moreover, it is more effective because it works only one leg at a time. This way you can easily find muscle imbalance and fix it properly.

The standard forward lunge refers to an ideal exercise for the training of your whole leg. But if you are considering focusing on your glutes, then a reverse lunge would be more suitable.

  1. Stand straight at shoulder-width apart. Grab a dumbbell in both of your hands. 
  2. With one foot take a big step, usually 2-3 feet, and put your foot on the exact spot. Put most of your body weight on it and bend your knees until your other leg knee touches the ground.
  3. Go back to your standing position slowly by pushing your weight against the floor using the first foot. Gradually stand up and come back to your position.
  4. Once you are done with one foot, do the same move with the other foot and complete one rep.

Note: it is difficult to lunge when both of your feet align. It makes the balancing difficult. Therefore, keep your foot apart at a distance of your hip width throughout the whole exercise. 

Leg Curl

Leg curl is an incredible way to strengthen your semitendinosus and femoris muscles. These include the muscles of your hamstrings. This enhances your strength and protects your hamstring from getting any injury.

Leg curl is simple, just follow these steps to complete the move:

  1. Set the leg pad in a way that it lies over your mid-calf.
  2. Lie with your face down and on your chest over the machine. Hold the handles and move the pad in a curling position towards the butt by dragging against the pad.
  3. Reverse the move and come back to the original position.

Note: Most people make mistakes while doing this exercise. They curl their both feet towards the hip with control and leave the weight to take their legs back to their original position. This takes out the great chance of building muscles during that time. You can easily avoid this mistake by lowering and lifting with control throughout the whole exercise.

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Goblet Squat

The incorporation of a goblet squat in a killer leg day workout is an incredible addition. It enables you to put extra resistance in your lower part of the body without straining your lower back and knees.

Follow these simple steps to do the goblet squat:

  1. Grab the dumbbell with both hands over your chest.
  2. Stand straight with your feet apart at the width of your shoulder. Take out your toes towards the side at an angle of 45 degrees. Now raise the chest and go in a sitting position.
  3. Ensure to keep your back straight. Push both of your knees outside in your toe's direction throughout the whole exercise.
  4. Now gradually return to your standing position.

Note: if you hold the weight a little far from your body. It may strain your shoulder, forearm, and biceps and make the whole weightlifting much more challenging. Therefore ensure to hold the weight closer to your body and chest with both of your elbows bent.

Standing Calf Raise

This exercise works the muscles in your calves. Strong and healthy calves help you jump higher, run faster, and most importantly it stabilizes the strength in the lower part of the body. For a killer leg day workout, a standing calf raise is the best way to do an intense leg workout using your whole body weight and additional dumbbells in your hands.

Follow these steps to do a standing calf raise:

  1. Put the calf raise block on the floor and step on it. You can also use weight or something sturdy to give it support.
  2. Place your right foot over the calf raise block. Grab the support weight in your left hand.
  3. Now take off your left foot from the ground by bending the knee.
  4. Raise the right heel as much as you can by pushing your right foot ball.
  5. Lower the body as much as you can by pushing your right heel against the ground.
  6. Once you are done with one rep, change the foot and repeat the move.

Note: Most people do the standing calf raise move for a shorter period. Lower your body as much as you feel a strong stretch in the calf, hold for a while, and then push it through your foot ball. And then gradually return to the original position.

Best Leg Workout Tips

Enough Calories

You can easily enhance your strength and muscle gain with a daily intake of calories up to 110% from your TDEE. 

Moreover, your body also needs a lot of protein to recover, grow, and repair the muscles of your legs effectively. Therefore, adopt the habit of eating 1g of protein per 1 pound of the whole body weight in one day.

Right Supplements

Apart from training and eating healthy, you can also take an appropriate amount of the right supplements.

  • The intake of 0.8 to 1.2 g of protein in one day is per 1 pound of the weight of your body. This gives your body the basic foundation to build, grow, and repair the muscles and tissues. This also helps you get a speedy recovery from the killer leg day workout. For a healthy, convenient, and clean intake of protein, use Casein or Whey.
  • Take around 3-5 g of creatine in one day. This enhances the growth of strength and muscles in your body which makes the anaerobic strength better, and decreases the soreness and damage in your muscles due to an intense killer leg workout. You can use “Recharge” to get 100% original creatine which directly enhances the recovery process and increases muscle growth.
  • 1 “Pulse” in one day. Pulse refers to a 100% original pre-workout beverage that improves focus, energy, and mood. It also increases endurance and strength and decreases stress and fatigue. Moreover, you can take a pulse either with or without caffeine.

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