Barbell Pad (Single or Set with Ankle Straps)
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  • The combo pack comes with squat pad barell pad / hip thrust bar pad and two ankle straps cable attachments for gym and at home workouts.
  • Barbell pad has a universal fit for all bar type. Maintain proper stabilitiy and balance with neck, shoulder, hip, support.
  • Gym ankle straps come in a pair and with a D ring to attach to any cable machine, or band attachement. Improve Flexibility and tone calves, hamstrings and glutes. Tighten your butt and lowerback
  • Match your style with your gear with over 8 colors to choose from. Barbell cushion is made with heavy duty rubber EVA Foam and come encase in a cover, no need for barbell straps. The neoprene padded cable kickback straps are breathable, washable and reusable.
  • The combo pack of items are portable and lightweight. Lift with proper form and reduce risk of injury. With Bear Grips it takes only one workout to feel the difference.

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