3 Layer Weight Lifting Belt - Auto Locking Gym Belt for Men and Women
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Straight belt, 4 inches wide, evenly distributed support.

Auto-locking belt, strong steel buckle, triple layer design.

Versatile for any workout type.

Three Layers of support for your back.

❤️ LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE! It takes only one workout to feel the difference, we give you 60 full workouts to put them to the test, if you don’t love them we will refund you back, no questions asked.

Belt Overview

How to Correctly Size Your Belt:

3 Ways to Wear Your Workout Belt:

What makes this belt different

  • UNDERSTANDING WHY WEAR A WEIGHT BELT: Have you noticed that you can leg press more than you squat? Our legs are very strong and can handle the weight, but our core is often our weak point and causes us to fail sooner when squatting. This is where Bear Grips' weightlifting belt helps out, it reinforces your core muscles to keep you upright and maximize your muscle output. Bear Grips weight belt gives your back support whether you’re olympic lifting, dead lifting or doing functional training.

  • HOW TO WEAR WEIGHT BELTS & WHY CONSTRUCTION MATTERS: Weight lifting belts should be worn around your belly button area. Oftentimes people make the mistake of wearing them too low or too loose. The goal of weight lifting belts for men and women is to REDUCE STRESS ON THE LOWER BACK, yet this is hard to do when belts are constructed with various shapes. Bear Grips has a uniform 4 inch width, which evenly distributes the stress and even gives you the added support to cover your weakest points.

  • WHY BEAR GRIPS BELT FOR WEIGHTLIFTING? Two words: AUTO-LOCK, yup it's 2022, these aren't your daddy’s high school gym belts that you have to pray will stay secure when you're lifting. Auto-Locking is the future, this means once you set your training belt in place, it stays there until you release the auto-lock, manually. This means you can lift as heavy as you want! Lift up that 800lb gorilla! Focus on your lifts, not on your belt.

  • WHAT’S DIFFERENT ABOUT US? This belt has been in design and testing for 2 years before it's first production, this isn't a flimsy, knock-off belt. This is a one of a kind, PATENT PENDING, work of art. Most belts are made of leather that are hard as a rock, not to mention the poor animals. Bear Grips uses a Vegan leather, and is soft to the touch on the inside. Also, This isn't just a single layer belt, Bear Grips has 3 layers of built in protection for your most vital asset, YOUR BODY!

  • LOVE IT GUARANTEE: This lifting belt sounds kinda cool! You want to buy, but you're nervous. What if it doesn't fit? Bear Grips makes it easy! You're free to exchange anytime. Yup, even if you already wore it. What if you don't love it? We know that you won't know if you like something without opening the package, and you won't know if you love it, until you get some workouts in with it on. So try Bear Grips for 30 workouts, if you don't love we will refund you back, no questions asked.

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