Bear Grips Workout Gloves
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🛡️ Keep your hands protected from germs & bacteria

🔩 Ultra-thin and durable, with a contouring hand design to fit your hands perfectly while you workout. fits men's & women's hands, with added cushioning

💪 Triple stitched design to last, rubber grip side gives the ultimate sticky grip to focus on working out not worry about your hands.

No velcro strap so you can wear your watch or fitness tracker

Multi-Purpose gloves can be used for gym, cycling, outdoor or for hand protection.

❤️ LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE! It takes only one workout to feel the difference, we give you 60 full workouts to put them to the test, if you don’t love them we will refund you back, no questions asked.

Full Finger Gloves Description


Safeguard your hands with workout gloves full finger design. that helps protect against germs and bacteria in the gym and out in everyday life


Modern weight lifting gloves with touch screen fingertips, easily type on phones and cardio machines, and don't forget that selfie!


Unisex weight lifting gloves female & weight lifting gloves male, full finger design, with breathable fingers. Focus on your workouts not on your hands.

Half Finger Gloves Description

What separates Bear Grips from the rest:

Bear Grips “Shield” mens workout gloves for weight lifting and workout gloves for women come in two styles: full finger gloves and fingerless weightlifting gloves.

Bear Grips exercise gloves are enjoyed by gym-goers, fitness enthusiasts, cyclists, and biking athletes. Our lifting gloves for men and women are also appreciated outside the gym in public settings, for tactical use, yard, and garage work, and are incredibly versatile and fit many use cases.

  • Padded, cushioned palms protect your hands against any hand pressures from dumbbells, barbells, and machines.
  • Breathable holes to allow air circulation to your hands and prevent them from getting hot and sweaty through your workouts.
  • Touchscreen performance. This allows you to touch any cardio machines and adjust your settings without taking off your workout gloves. You can also touch & text on your tablet & mobile device.

Both the full finger compression workout gloves and fingerless gloves men have a lightweight, minimalistic design, and they are form-fitting gloves without any extra bulky materials. In addition, the ergonomic design allows users to have a natural feel still when gripping any dumbbell, barbell, or handle.

Heavy-duty construction:

Both the full-fingered workout gloves and fingerless gloves have a two-toned construction. On the backside of your hand is an ultra-soft, stretchy, form-fitting material to give you a perfect, snug fit. On the palm side, your hands are protected by smooth leather and further enhanced with extra gripping gel to keep your grip securely in place.

Both are tripled stitched on the outer side and interior, giving your workout gloves longevity. In addition, we know users demand a lot from their workout gloves, so we added 4-way flex threads that allow users more mobility and freedom in their hand movement to ensure the most comfortable grip in the world.

Bear Grips mens and womens workout gloves for weights have an open wrist cuff that stretches to fit your wrist size. You can still wear a watch, fitness tracker, and additional wrist support with a wrist cuff. Additionally, you can search for Bear Grips Wrist Wraps as a great combo to this product for hand and wrist support.

Why Bear Grips?

Bear Grips has been around since 2014 and is beloved by thousands of bodybuilders, weight lifters, trainers, and fitness clients. Additionally, Bear Grips constantly innovates, improves its product line of wrist wraps, lifting straps, and our new weight lifting belt, and adds additional colors and styles to keep you looking modernized and maximize your lifting potential.

Bear Grips wrist accessories for men and women have over 5000 5-star reviews. They have been used by professional athletes, celebrities, doctors, physical therapists, and everyday gym-goers.

Our product line of wrist straps, weight lifting belts, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves, shin sleeves, ankle supports, and wrist wraps has won numerous awards and is featured in many prominent publications like Men’s Health and Women’s Health.

The beauty of Bear Grips is that it just takes one workout to feel the difference. We know if you try them, you will never work without them! With Bear Grips, love it or leave it a 30-Day trial.


Are these washable?

Yes, the gloves are washable. It is advised to hand washed with soap or air dry for longevity. You can machine wash in cold water, and machine dry on low-medium heat.

What should I do if I’m between two sizes?

The sizing chart is true to size. If you like your product snug or fitted, choose the smaller size. If you like it loose, choose the larger of the two sizes.

 Do these gloves contain latex?


How thick is the padding? Is it good enough not to get blisters?

To keep with our minimalist design our padding is about 3mm, it is enough to protect your hands, without being a bulky glove.

Can you use these for pole dancing?

Absolutely. These gloves are rubber coated for a secure grip.

What are they made of?

We use a stretchy lycra fabric on the back of the hand and a microfiber front plam with silicone. 

Can you use these under boxing gloves?

These are not the intended use for the gloves, but they are minimalistic design and may suit your need.

Would these work with kettlebell? I need a glove that won’t interfere with gripping the bell handle.

We would recommend one of our workout grips for kettlebells like Titanium Grips, or Two Hole Suede Leather Grips which you can find here: , The workout grips are very grippy and usually for kettlebell swings you want some additional movement in your hands. The Shield Gloves are best for gym, biking, indoor and outdoor exercise, or just an extra layer of safety from dirt, sweat and germs.

Do they work well for weight lifting in outside cold weather?

Yes the gloves work well for weight lifting, whether it’s in the gym or in a basement or garage gym where it could be cooler, we would not recommend these gloves for below freezing temperatures outdoors as they would not replace winter gloves.

Do these have wrist support?

Are these good for resistance bands?

These work well with resistance bands.

How good is the touchscreen capability? Does it still work even after washing for a few times?

Yes we have done some alterations from our early versions of Shield Gloves to find modern touch screen material that works on all devices and cardio machines, The touch screen will work even after washing, as the material is sewn onto the gloves.

Can you grip a pen with gloves on?

Yes. They are quite soft and flexible.

 My hand is 18 cm. Should I get the XS or S?

 All our products are true to size. If you like them snug, go with XS. But if you like them loose, go with S.

 Are these gloves breathable?

Yes, it’s breathable. It has built-in breathable finger holes to avoid sweaty hands.

Do these work well when using a rowing machine?


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