Black Bear Workout Grips
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Our multi-functional Black Bear Grips are the most versatile workout grips on the market. Due to their unique design, they can be used for both push and pull movements. The grips pad portion forms around any bar or handle allowing you to feel the bar, while maintaining a superior grip. These are more versatile than any hook style grip because the padding can rest on your palm during push movements preventing calluses and blisters. Eliminate grip fatigue and start pulling more weight! 

ARE THESE ONLY FOR PULL MOVEMENTS? No! The pad protects your hands on push movements as well. 

WHAT IS THE LENGTH OF THE GRIP PAD? The men's grip pad measures in at 3 3/4" while the Women's pad measures at 3 1/2". The grip pad sizing allows you to wrap around the bar while still providing the feel of the bar so you have full control during your lifts. 

WHAT IS THE WRIST PADDING MADE OF? The wrist padding is made of a soft neoprene material which allows for comfort and prevents the buckle from digging into your wrist.

WHAT IS THE GRIP PAD MATERIAL MADE OF? The grip pad portion is made of 100% genuine leather. 

SHOULD I USE THESE FOR DEADLIFTS? Yes, while these protect your hands during push movements, they are best suited for pull movements such as deadlifts, lat pull downs, dumbbell rows, cable rows, and more. 

DOES THE STRAP HAVE ANY STICKY ADHESIVE? No, the strap is made of velcro which goes over the wrist padding so the velcro will never come in contact with your wrist. 


  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • Multi-functional for pushing & pulling movements
  • Protects your hands when holding any bar or handle 
  • Secure velcro lock with padded wrist support 
  • Tough-Lock grip allowing for a natural feel of the bar 
  • Adjustable fit for any sized wrists
  • Comes In Men's and Women's grip pad sizes 



What are these grips for?

We recommend these grips for gym users, they are great for pull workouts like deadlifts, rows, lat pull down and much more. We recommend them for gym goers, bodybuilding and powerlifting workouts.

What makes these grips different?

With Bear Grips Black Series Grips you no longer need lifting straps and have to worry about wrapping yourself onto a bar, with these grips you can hook on to any bar but have the ability to bail on a lift and let go without injury. These grips are versatile for both pulling and pushing movements. You can wrap around bars for pulling movements, or keep in your palm for pushing moving, or just use your bare hand for exercises you don’t want to use the grips for and you don’t have to take them off.

what sizes do these grips come in?

There is a men’s fit and women’s fit, the male fit has a larger grip surface, and the women’s fit has a smaller grip surface to fit in smaller hands.

Are the grip adjustable?

Yes. You can adjust the grips by simply tightening or loosing the straps around your wrist.

Is there any wrist support on these grips?

Yes there is 5mm of neoprene padding built into the grips for wrist support through any exercise.


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