Workout Grips With Wrist Straps
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  • 🛡️ TRADITIONAL WEIGHT LIFTING STRAPS ARE GONE, SAY HELLO TO QUICK RELEASE: The biggest issue with traditional straps for weight lifting is you have to wrap a long tail of the lifting grips around a bar or barbell, and now you are stuck to that bar. If you ever want to bail out of a lift, you can't with traditional gym straps. Camo BEAR GRIPS SOLVES THIS! By allowing you to use their QUICK-RELEASE PAD to hold the bar securely, or bail out if needed.
  • 🏋️TODAY JUNIOR! Traditional weightlifting straps take forever to strap to a bar, you have to awkwardly wrap yourself in on one side, and try to get your other hand to wrap the tail on the other. You end up with a good grip on one side and a poor one on the other. With Camo BEAR GRIPS you simply reverse the wrist strap pad around the bar, in two seconds your LOCKED & LOADED to PULL SOME SERIOUS WEIGHT. Stop wasting time setting up, spend more time STRENGTH TRAINING!
  • 👍 PUSH + PULL MOVEMENTS: With Camo BEAR GRIPS you can leave the pad in your palm for grip for pushing movements like a bench press. Where Camo Bear Grips really shine in on Pulling Movements. Back days will never be the same, whether it's a row, lat pulldown, or deadlift you're ready with your grip gloves by Bear Grips. Camo Bear Grips are versatile, they are a bodybuilding & powerlifting dream, especially as deadlift gloves.
  • 🥇HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION + TRUSTED BY TOP ATHLETES: Camo Bear Grips weight lifting grips boasts quad stitching, super strong closure, neoprene plush padded wrist, ultra strong grip side finish, All packed into the strongest workout straps in the world!
  • 💖LOVE OR LEAVE IT GUARANTEE: Try Camo BEAR GRIPS risk free, They come in both weight lifting straps for men, and weight lifting straps for women, With a Mens Fit and Womens Fit. They will be your favorite hand grips for strength training. Once you try them you will never workout without it! If you don't LOVE them, get your money back.




What are these grips for?

We recommend these grips for gym users, they are great for pull workouts like deadlifts, rows, lat pull down and much more. We recommend them for gym goers, bodybuilding and powerlifting workouts.

What makes these grips different?

With Bear Grips Black Series Grips you no longer need lifting straps and have to worry about wrapping yourself onto a bar, with these grips you can hook on to any bar but have the ability to bail on a lift and let go without injury. These grips are versatile for both pulling and pushing movements. You can wrap around bars for pulling movements, or keep in your palm for pushing moving, or just use your bare hand for exercises you don’t want to use the grips for and you don’t have to take them off.

what sizes do these grips come in?

There is a men’s fit and women’s fit, the male fit has a larger grip surface, and the women’s fit has a smaller grip surface to fit in smaller hands.

Are the grip adjustable?

Yes. You can adjust the grips by simply tightening or loosing the straps around your wrist.

Is there any wrist support on these grips?

Yes there is 5mm of neoprene padding built into the grips for wrist support through any exercise.

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