Black Bear Workout Grips - Multi-Functional Weightlifting Grips

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Made From 100% Genuine Leather

Comes In Men and Women Pad Sizes

  • Multi-Functional for Pushing & Pulling Movements.
  • Protects your hands when holding any bar or handle
  • Secure velcro lock with padded wrist support
  • Tough-Lock grip allowing for a natural feel of the bar
  • Adjustable fit for any sized wrists

Product Story

Bear Grips “Black Bear Series” Grips embodies the traits of the mighty Black Bear in the wild.

Black Bears are extremely adaptable and can be found in almost any environment unlike other species of Bears. We have made “Black Bear Series” Grips extremely adaptable to “pushing” & “pulling” movements that can be used through a variety of workouts; unlike traditional gloves.

Black Bears are protective, devoted, and attentive to their cubs. We have made “Black Bear Series” Grips with protection for your wrist joints, with an added neoprene wrist support. Additionally, we have devoted our attentiveness to eliminating blisters & calluses through your workouts.

Black Bears are not always black and come in more colors. Be on the lookout for additional colors in the “Black Bear Series” Grips

Black Bears claws have unbelievable strength, giving Black Bears the ability to climb even the highest trees. We have made “Black Bear Series” Grips out of premium leather! Giving it unbelievable Grip strength to let you lift more and set unthinkable personal best through your lifts!

Once you try Black Bear Series Grips, You will never workout without it!

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