Product Description

Jar Size: 1 Pure Ounce/ 30 gram Jar

Premium Quality: Rich in essential minerals and fulvic acid, each serving contains a maximum of 500mg of Shilajit resin, setting the gold standard for purity and potency. Say goodbye to low-grade, low-potency alternatives with fewer grams

Preservation of Purity: Bear Grips Shilajit resin is thoughtfully packaged in a 30g jar with double-sealed, light-protected glass to keep the pure Shilajit resin fresh and secure. Invest in quality and potency

Elevate Your Well-Being: Feeling fatigued? Bear Grips Shilajit resin offers a surge of overall vitality. The fulvic acid component improves mineral absorption, supporting your immune system, energy levels, digestion, and reducing fatigue, enhancing your overall quality of life

84+ Trace Minerals: Shilajit resin is a powerful source of 84+ trace minerals and fulvic acid, essential for maintaining your energy and well-being. Dissolve a pea-sized amount in warm water or your favorite beverage to take control of your wellness

Premium Quality: Our Shilajit resin undergoes a non-chemical extraction process, ensuring it remains filler-free, additive-free, and free of hidden ingredients. Each bottle includes measuring sticks for your convenience