What is Cross Training and is it the right sport for you?

CrossFit is a sport that has gained popularity not only for its efficacy but also for its wonderful community and combination of different programs in one! But is it the right program for you? Yes, it is, and here are 3 reasons why.

What is CrossFit? 3 Reasons Why it may be the Sport for You


CrossFit is a fitness program and sport for people of all ages and sizes with different goals, whether it is gaining strength, losing weight, or both. It contains a variety of exercises, ranging from weightlifting to gymnastics, cardio, calisthenics, etc., combined to fit all types of people and create the ideal sport and fitness program. It is considered a sport due to its various competitions, such as the CrossFit Open, the CrossFit Games, Wodapalooza, etc.

All-inclusive community

One of CrossFit’s pride and joy is its community. The CrossFit community does its best to include everyone that wants to be a part of it, whether you have a disability, a health condition, or are a beginner to general sports, the workouts will be modified by the coaches to help YOU.

Even if the workout is already established, they might tell you to run 200 meters instead of 500 meters or to practice the technique before using heavy weights, even if you can handle the weight. They do their best to assure you are comfortable and to prevent any accidents.


It never gets boring

You will never feel like you have nothing left to learn. There are always new elements being added to the mix, new exercises for the CrossFit Open that will be added to your workout of the day (WOD).

No matter how much of a pro you’ve become, there will always be a new goal in line. A new weight for this exercise or that, getting better with your technique, improving your time, etc. There’s always something new!

CrossFit as a competitive sport

As mentioned before, there are many competitions available for you to participate in that are worldwide. However, CrossFit gyms (also called a CrossFit box) tend to do in house competitions very often!

In these competitions, you usually compete with people from other gyms or you can go to a competition at another box! Competitions can be individual as well as in couples or even teams! They are extremely fun, and you don’t need to be a pro to compete, they also have categories. Remember to have fun and always have the right equipment to stay safe!



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