The CrossFit Games are made to find the fittest among the fittest on earth. It is not for everyone, given that just getting in is a challenge in itself! Watching it, however, can be quite exciting and pain-free! What are the CrossFit Games? A simple guide to understanding the Games   The CrossFit Games are a competition made up of a series of tests made specially to find the fittest among the fittest. They are extremely difficult, even for the winner, and are known for being full of surprises for the athletes competing! They are an exciting time for spectators and competing athletes alike, well, except it is much more painful for them. When did the CrossFit Games begin? They began in 2007 and have rapidly grown to become the most popular worldwide competition for Crossfitters, whether to watch or to compete in if you’re up to it! First, however, you need to be able to pass the first stages, which is no easy task. However, they may invite 4 athletes who did not qualify. Stage 1: The CrossFit Open   The first stage to enter the CrossFit Games is the CrossFit Open. However, even if you are not aiming for the Games, the Open is a fun way to challenge yourself! The Games are 5 weeks long, with a workout presented each Thursday to be turned in on Monday. During that time, you have to complete the workout with the correct requirements and be top of the top by the end in order to pass on to the second stage Stage 2: Regionals   Once you are top of the top, you move on to the second stage, regionals. Here, the top competes against the top athletes from 18 regions. Regionals are made up of competitions lasting 3 days, from May to June. Each region can only send a certain number from their top athletes to compete. From them, 40 women, men, and teams will be fit enough to earn a spot on the Games. Stage 3: The CrossFit Games   Finally, after Regionals comes the CrossFit Games. Here, the athletes that qualified need to be prepared to accept the fact that they will most likely not be prepared. This is due to the fact that in the Games, everything that they can make up, they will. The Games are made up of competitions lasting 3-4 days that take place during August. The competing athletes gain a score depending on where they placed during each event, and the athlete with the highest score gains the title of “Fittest on Earth”, along with around 300,000$
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Getting fit is easier when there’s a community built around it! And this is why the CrossFit Open 2019 is a series of events you can't afford to miss. 429,157 athletes participated in at least one workout in 2018. That could even increase this year as the games are growing in popularity every year. Whether you have an aim to get fitter or if you’re just starting your exercises in 2019 or you’re even super fit, the CrossFit Open can be for you. What and When is the Crossfit Open 2019? The CrossFit Open is a series of events that comprises of 5 workouts carried out over 5 weeks. The workout for a particular week is usually announced every Thursday on the CrossFit Games website. After the workout announcement, every registered athlete must have done the workout and submitted their best score online by 5 p.m. the following Monday. The best part about this competition is that anybody from anywhere in the world can take part in the CrossFit Open 2019. The events are open to anybody who's 14 and older. With 7 age groups, you'll find one that fits your age. An athlete can carry out their workout with a CrossFit affiliate who'll grade it. If you're in a location without a CrossFit affiliate, you can make a video of your workout and submit it. A judge will check your performance and give you a score. The CrossFit open is the first of 3 stages in the CrossFit Games. The Home Workout that qualifies you for the Games The top athletes from the 18 worldwide regions after the Open will go into the second stage of the games: Regionals. The top athletes from the regionals will battle it out in the CrossFit games. Following this, an eventual winner will emerge as the proclaimed: Fittest Person on Earth The CrossFit Open helps you to track your fitness levels in comparison to others—whether you’re a newbie or a senior CrossFitter. It can serve as an encouragement for your fitness tasks to set a new target towards the next events. Added to that, it's actually fun to participate in the same events with thousands of people around the world. What to do: If you're ready to participate in the Crossfit Open, all you have to do is go to to register. There, you’ll be prompted to select your gender, choose your age bracket, and pay the entry fee of $20. CrossFit Open 2019 will begin on Thursday, February 21st and end on Monday, March 25th. You can workout at your gym with a Crossfit certified judge to rate you. Likewise, you can make a video of your workout and provide a link to it. Use the CrossFit Open to raise your fitness to the next level and have fun while doing it!
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