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 How fast will you ship my product?

We ship daily Monday - Friday, we ship from 9am-5pm.

Where do my products ship from?

We have three warehouses we use across the United States. This helps speed up shipping times as we try to ship from the closest location. We use warehouses in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Illinois.

I only received one item and I ordered multiple. Did you forget my items?

We ship from various warehouses, sometimes a particular warehouse may be out of stock of a particular color or size so we may use another warehouse to ship your item.

How can I get help on my order?

You can send an email to or you can use the chat box on our website on the lower right corner, we have live agents, or if unavailable we answer in under 24 hours.

How do I wash my product?

For all items flip them inside out to avoid fading of print. For longevity we recommend hand wash with soap, and air dry. You can put in the washing machine in cold water and in the dryer on low heat. NOTE: prior to washing close all velcro closures, make sure any strings are wrapped around the product to not get tangled on other items.

How do I exchange a product?

Reach out to our customer support team with your order ID, and size and color you would like to exchange to, if you want a different product we can organize this for you as well, if there is any price difference you would either pay or be partially refunded. Reach out to or via the chat box on the website.

Titanium Grips

How would you compare this to the other grips?

Bear Grips Titanium Grips have a built-in padded wrist, 60% thinner allowing you to feel the bar but still prevent you from getting blisters, and are 10x stronger than other grips.

Can I use this for Kettlebell?

Yes, they are great for kettlebell or dumbbell workout.

Can you take the palm guard off and just use the wrist support?

Technically, no. However, if you prefer not to use the palm guard, you can take your fingers out of the holes and tuck it under the wrist wrap. Just pull them back if you want to use it again.

Are these good for gymnastics?

Yes, they are perfect for gymnastics.

Are they sold as a pair?


Are the finger holes pre-cut or you have to cut your own holes? 

They are pre-cut.

Can these be used without chalk?


Is the buckle plastic or metal?

They’re metal.

My palm measures 4.25”, should I size up to M or down to S?

If you wear them on the base of your fingers, go for size S. If you wear it higher on your fingers, go with M.

Can I use these as a replacement for my wrist wraps?

Will these help with calluses from gripping the bar on the rowing machine?

Yes, these can protect you from getting blisters and calluses.

Do these provide enough support for doing bench presses?

 Would these work for a 10 year old boy? If so, what size should I get him?

Shield Gloves

Are these washable?

Yes, the gloves are washable. It is advised to hand washed with soap or air dry for longevity. You can machine wash in cold water, and machine dry on low-medium heat.

What should I do if I’m between two sizes?

The sizing chart is true to size. If you like your product snug or fitted, choose the smaller size. If you like it loose, choose the larger of the two sizes.

 Do these gloves contain latex

How thick is the padding? Is it good enough not to get blisters?

Can you use these for pole dancing?

Absolutely. These gloves are rubber coated for a secure grip.

What are they made of?

We use a stretchy lycra fabric on the back of the hand and a microfiber front plam with silicone. 

Can you use these under boxing gloves?

Would these work with kettlebell? I need a glove that won’t interfere with gripping the bell handle.

Do they work well for weight lifting in outside cold weather?

Do these have wrist support?

Are these good for resistance bands?

These work well with resistance bands.

How good is the touchscreen capability? Does it still work even after washing for a few times?

Can you grip a pen with gloves on?

Yes. They are quite soft and flexible.

 My hand is 18 cm. Should I get the XS or S?

 All our products are true to size. If you like them snug, go with XS. But if you like them loose, go with S.

 Are these gloves breathable?

Yes, it’s breathable. It has built-in breathable finger holes to avoid sweaty hands.

Do these work well when using a rowing machine?


2-Band Wrist Wraps

How do I determine what size to buy?

Based on how much support you want and how tight and bulky you like it. Bigger size adds more compression as you can wrap it multiple times. If you need extra support, go size up.

My wrist might be smaller than a 12" , is it okay if I use the 12"?

Bear Grips wrist wraps all have the same width of about 2.5inches, They vary in length; 12", 18" & 24". 12" will wrap around the wrist about one and half times,

18" will wrap around the wrist two and half times, and 24" will wrap around three and half times. 12" is a great starter or standard size wrist wrap, will accommodate most fitness uses, and those looking for enhanced wrist support. 18" is the most popular size to be used by those looking for more wrist support, lift heavier, have any wrist discomfort, or prior injuries. 24" is used by those that are lifting heavy, those that want max length support, have any wrist discomfort, or prior injuries.

Are these sold as a pair?

All our wrist wraps are sold as a pair.

Would these be good for youth tumbling?

We do have a lot of gymnasts purchase these wraps for tumbling and they love them! We do live gymnastics events. If you are using this for youths, we would recommend the 12" length. All the widths are the same at about 2.5" - the longer lengths give more support, so you can pick your desired strength by 12",18" or 24".

How wide are the wrist wraps?

These are 3 inches wide.

Can I wear weight lifting gloves over them?

You can wear anything you want on your hands including, grips, gloves, chalk, minimalistic gloves, or any other hand coverage, as this product is primarily wrist support.

What’s the difference between bear grips 1 and 2?

The II-Band wrist wraps are available in 12", 18", and 24" lengths. The width of the wrap is the same for all, it's the length of the wrap that is different.

12" - Provides the most mobility while still offering wrist protection.


18" - If you lift heavier or have had a previous wrist injury these will provide more stiffness to better stabilize your wrist.


24" - Typically used in powerlifting or for someone with a weak wrist looking for the maximum support.

 I broke my wrist a year ago and am getting back into weight lifting. Would these be sufficient support to help me with bench and deadlift exercise?

Are these helpful for all types of lifting?


 Are these latex free?

Elbow Sleeves 2.0

How do these handle heavy sweat?

Our Elbow Sleeves are minimalistic, in that we don’t use heavy, hot materials like neoprene. We use a more breathable, stretchy fabric that contours to the way you move and can stay in place while you sweat.

 Are these bulky?

No. These are made with a minimalist design that is ultra lightweight, giving you full range of motion for any activity and enhancing performance.

How do I know which size to buy?

Measure the circumference of your arm , specifically 5 inches from the elbow joint. So if you are 11.5, then go with M size.

Do these help the bicep too?


Can I use this for swimming?

Yes, but these are not waterproof though.

Are these sold by pair?

These are sold by pair (2 pieces) and single.

How long is the sleeve?

Are these latex-free?

What were the materials used in these sleeves?

Do these help with tennis elbow?


Are these machine washable and dryers safe?

It is advised to hand washed with soap or air dry for longevity. You can machine wash in cold water, and machine dry on low-medium heat.

Can you sleep with this on?

Of course.

Can it be used for bowling?

Yes. it is flexible enough to use for any sporting activity.

Does the pair labeled left and right? Does it matter?

It doesn’t matter. You can wear them either way.

Do these work for tricep tendonitis?

Yes, these are perfect.

Will the sleeve slide down the arm during the activity?

 No, as long as you buy the right size. These are meant for compression so you kind of want it fitting nice and snug.

Are these made in the USA?

Extra Strength Knee Sleeves

 How do you measure for the correct size?

Will these fall off if you run in them?

Will these fall off if you run in them?

No, as long as you buy the right size.

 How many knee sleeves per pack?

We have a single sleeve (1 pc/pack) and pairs (2 pcs/pack).

Are these sleeves any good during winter to keep them knees warm while running?

These sleeves are made from superior quality yet comfortable material. They should keep your knees warm when running outside.

Are the sleeves true to size?

Yes, these are true to size. So if your size is 19”, you should get the XL.

Do these work well while doing crossfit exercises?

Definitely, these are perfect for crossfit workouts.

Are these bulky?

Definitely not. These lightweight sleeves are made for knee performance. No closure straps or wrapping required. Just slide on these extra strength compression sleeves and you’re ready to go.

Would these help a 78- year old male with knee pain from just walking?

Definitely. These compression sleeves offer good support and actually help to reduce the pain.

 What material are the sleeves made of?

Can you wear these under jeans?

It depends on how tight your jeans are. If it’s not too tight, it should be fine. Though we don’t recommend it for very tight fitting jeans.

Ankle Sleeves

 What is the compression?

What’s the material made of?

These are made with premium cotton and nylon fibers.

Where is the size chart?

The 2nd to the last image is the size chart.

Can I wear regular socks over these?

Yes, you can wear socks over them. Though, you have to make sure the socks aren’t too tight. 

Are these for men only?

These ankle sleeves are unisex.

My size is 11”, should I go with Large?

If you like it loose, go with large. But if you like it fitted, go with M.