Superior Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves for Workouts

Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves are essentials for inside the gym or out. Our Knees are made up of many ligaments, tendons, and cartilage; all which lack blood flow. So even a little tweak, twist or tear, can lead to knee discomfort, long term knee injuries, or surgery.

It is imperative to protect your knees through any movements where they can be at risk for injury, or just need to speed up recovery time. “Compression” in itself, squeezes the muscles of your calf, quadriceps, and hamstrings to generate more blood flow in regions of your knee that lack blood flow. The influx of added blood flow, adds warmth and lubrications to ligaments and tendons. The amount of compression needed is dependent on your use. Bear Grips offers their compression in minimalistic, 5mm, and extra strength 7mm. The greater the number the more compression it provides.

Bear Grips constructs all their weight lifting knee sleeves with protection, function, and superior muscle output in mind. They use a patent pending quad stitch on their 5mm and 7mm knee sleeves, which reinforce each side with two stitching all way through the knee sleeves, to reinforce protection for your lateral and medial sides of your knee, which house important ligaments like ACL, LCL, MCL. We want to minimize the side to side movement when running, lifting, and squatting. That is the major reason of wearing compression knee sleeves. Most companies just do 1 stitch down the back of the knee sleeve, compared to Bear Grips 4 stitches. And companies that just stitch down the back leave your lateral and medial sides of your knee exposed to injury during every movement.

Bear Grips 5mm compression knee sleeve, is the best weight lifting knee sleeves to start with, especially if you have never used Knee Sleeves. It has a good balance of compression and support and aids in muscle output and performance, as well in speeding up recovery time through workout sessions.

Bear Grips extra strength 7mm knee sleeves, are the strongest weight lifting knee sleeves on the market. These are ideal for those with prior injuries or those who lift heavy. This offers the most support and compression. Not all “7mm” compression knee sleeves are the same. Bear Grips uses the highest quality neoprene material and hand constructs each sleeve. It just takes 1 workout to feel the difference. Bear Grips offers three types of compression knee sleeves, highly regarded as the best in the industry, take a look above to see which best suite your needs!


  • SOLD in Single Knee Sleeve, or Pair of sleeves ( 2-pack)
  • PROVIDES warmth and increase blood circulation for knees and surrounding attachments
  • PREVENTS and PROTECTS against knee pains and injuries. Supports Knees for increased mobility, while alleviated added stress
  • PATENT-PENDING Stitch technology to contour to knee anatomy, Quad-seam Protection to protect lateral and medial ligaments and tendons of knee joint.
  • Aids in faster recovery time from activities. Helps relieve muscle, joint pain, stiffness and soreness.
  • USE: Perfect for Weightlifting, Cross Fitness, Olympic Lifting, Golf, Tennis, Yoga, OCR, Walking, Running, and for all day pain relief

Minimalistic Knee Sleeves

$24.99 - $39.99

No reviews
Sizes Available: S - XXL
Color(s): Black/Red, Black/Pink
Sold in: Singles & Pairs
  • No bulky material - Ultra Minimalistic
  • Great for cardio workouts, rowing, running, biking, bodyweight and burpees
  • Thin enough to wear under clothes.
  • Light enough compression to be worn outside gym throughout the day
  • Added lateral band to backside of sleeves to secure major ligaments and tendons in knees

Contouring 5mm Knee Compression Sleeve for Support & Protection

$29.99 - $49.99

20 reviews
Sizes Available: XS - XL
Color(s): Black, Camo, American flag
Sold in: Singles & Pairs
  • Great for WODs and workouts; protects medial and lateral ligaments and tendons, which is important during squatting movements, or weighted leg exercises
  • Good starting point if you have never tried knee sleeves
  • More protection than 3mm less bulk than 7mm.

7mm knee Sleeves

$39.99 - $59.99

17 reviews
Sizes Available: XS - XL
Color(s): Gray
Sold in: Singles & Pairs
  • Extra Strength; highest amount of compression available
  • Not all "7mm" are created the same, much more supporting, thicker material than big brands that use cheap material
  • Great for heavy lifts, for people looking for most protection, or those with prior injuries.


Compression in itself will increase blood flow, keep ligaments and tendons warm and lubricated, reduce any swelling and aid in faster recovery of muscles through lifts & workouts. Bear Grips offers vary degrees of compression, their minimalistic is the mildest, then 5mm , then 7mm. The best way to determine what knee compression sleeve is right for you, would be based on your intended use. The 5mm knee compression sleeve is a great all around sleeve, gives more compression than the minimalistic and less than the 7mm extra strength. The 5mm is ideal for weight lifting, crossfit, arthritis, knee pain, knee support, for rehab treatment.