In most elementary CrossFit gym classes, physical fitness is equated with strength challenges such as pull-ups and push-ups. As a matter of fact, push-ups have been one of the standards against which CrossFitters have tested their strength. There are various types of push-ups which even the most seasoned weightlifters find difficult to execute. Below are the top 4 and if you can do a set of 10 for each of these, you are a monstrous powerlifter. Superman Push-Up This push-up may also be known as LaLanne fingertip push-up after its founder Jack LaLanne. It is considered one of the hardest push-up variations in the CrossFit industry. To do it, you lie on the ground with your arms and legs fully extended. To start the push-up, press your toes and fingertips into the ground and use your toes to keep you grounded as you push through your fingertips to raise your body off the ground. To do this workout successfully, you need great chest strength, powerful shoulders, a strong core, as well as muscular arms to enable you to push your body off the ground. One-Arm Push-Up This is another challenging workout even for the most seasoned weightlifters. You start by getting yourself into the normal push-up position. After that, widen your feet so that their width surpasses that of your shoulder. With one hand pressed behind your back, gradually lower yourself to the ground. Aztec Push-Up This push-up variation utilizes the concept of plyometrics. They involve an explosive push from the floor with your chest and hands flying off the floor. If you feel you want to add an element to make this variation even more difficult, then attempt to clap before coming back down. The starting position is similar to that of other push-ups, but the difference comes as you explode up from the bottom. In the Aztec push-up, you drive your entire body straight into the air with a goal of touching your toes. After that, you straighten your hands to break your fall as you return to the standard position. Planche Push-Up This is the toughest of all push-up CrossFit workouts you will find you will find at the CrossFit gym. It requires a tremendous amount of chest strength as well as stronger forearms, hands, wrists, and shoulders. The reason why planche push-up is an incredibly difficult push-up variation to undertake is due to the need to first master the planche position. In the planche position, the center of your body gravity rests over your hands. With your arms, shoulders, and hands supporting your entire weight and your legs off the ground, you will need lots of strength to execute or perform this push-up.  When done regularly as part of your CrossFit training regime, push-ups, though challenging, will strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms, and your back. You will enjoy impressive stability, and you will always maintain a proper form. So, you can do these different types of push up in your CrossFit gym.