Bear Grips 5mm Padded Shin Sleeves


  • 5mm of padding in the front of the sleeve for protection against burns, cuts, & scraps
  • Protect your shins during rope climbs, deadlifts, box jumps, OCR races, hiking, biking, and more
  • Easy to take on and off with the ankle side zipper
  • Silicone band at the top to keep the shin sleeve in place
  • Foot harness to keep sleeve stable 

5mm Padded Shin Guard Sleeves

$14.99 - $49.99

Sizes Available: XS – XL
Color(s): Black, Neon Green, Pink
Sold in: Singles or Pairs
  • Padded front sleeve, Elastic back sleeve for perfect fit
  • Great for Rope Climbs, CrossFit, Weightlifting, OCR, hiking, biking and more
  • Silicone band to keep in place
  • Foot harness for stability