Full Body Cross Training Workouts

Full body workouts

Do you want to improve or develop your endurance, cardiovascular system, strength and burn fat? Well, the CrossFit workouts are beneficial for you. These workouts are all in one solution to form your body, make you fitter and stronger than ever before. These full body CrossFit workouts do not require any types of equipment; people only need to jump, rings, pull-up bar, rope, etc. CrossFit exercises are incredibly challenging that build muscle while stressing your cardiorespiratory system. There are plenty of advance and beginner-friendly workouts designed to build your confidence and strength fast. Check out below CrossFit workouts that are advantageous for the full body. 

Full body workouts

Burpees: In a standing position, put hands on the floor, jump feet back, perform pushups then jump back to the standing position.

Deadlifts: You should try to do a weight between 95 to 135 pounds for this.

Dumbell workouts

Dumbbell Thrusters: For this, you should hold a dumbbell of 15-25 pounds with both of your hands in front of your chest. In squat down position keep the dumbbell in place, and then stand back up simultaneously raising the dumbbell overhead.

Kettlebell Swings: Try to do it with a 53-pound Kettlebell, but if that is too heavy, you can also use a 35-pound one.

Air squats, sit-ups, pushups, ring rows are perfect exercises that you need to perform as fast as you can.

Kettlebell Thrusts

Lunges: Carry a 65-pound barbell in the front rack position, keep the bar in front of you, resting on shoulders, with your fingers touch the bar to keeps it stable and your elbows keep the bar in place. For alternate legs, make sure your knee touches the ground in each repetition.

Box jump: Another common CrossFit exercise in which you have to stand in front of 20-24 inch box and jump onto it by using both feet at the same time. It can be difficult, so you can step up and step down rather than jumping.

Wall Ball

Ring Dips: For this, hold a ring in each hand, lower yourself till your hands hit your underarms, then push back until arms become straight. Feel free to rest your toes on the floor to help. If you are not strong enough, you can also do classic triceps dips with your hands on a bench.

Wall balls: Use a medicine ball that must be 15-20 pounds and stand about an arm’s length from a wall. Lower yourself in a full squat; hold the ball under your chin. From the bottom of the squat, keep elbows under the ball, and the ball should be close to your body. Once hips get fully open, throw the ball up to a spot 10 feet up. Catch the ball and return to the bottom of the squat to begin the next repetition.

High Pulls

Sumo deadlift high pulls: This move is not difficult like its name. You need to start with your feet by keeping it wider than shoulder-width, then squat down and keep the chest up. Push your hips back, and grab about 55-pound barbell with a narrow grip. Now, stand up and open hips, and pull the bar up till it reaches your collarbone, keep elbows above the bar. The reverse movement of the return bar to the ground.

Whether you are a CrossFit veteran or a curious exerciser, these exercises are excellent for the beginner and advanced alike. It depends on how much you put into it and how much you challenge yourself.

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