Reasons Why You Should Strengthen Your Core

No doubt that your core is more than just your abs as it is the powerhouse of your body. It facilitates movement as well as houses the central nervous system and inner organs. For this reason, working out your core and strengthening it is an important decision that is loaded with health benefits. Below are some of the benefits that will accrue to you as a result of core strengthening.

Core Workouts

Injury Prevention

Strengthening your core means having core stability and core strength. Core stability is enhanced by the deep internal muscles which lie closer to the spine while core strength has everything to do with the 6-pack abs. Core stability should be prioritized and thereafter core strength. When you have a strong core, your overall fitness will improve, and this minimizes chances of injuries down the road.

One simple, but effective CrossFit exercise that will help you build core stability involves drawing in the abdominal muscles and then holding for about 5 breaths before relaxing. When you repeat this, 10 times, it can help you stabilize your core.

Protection of Central Nervous System and Inner Organs

Protecting the vital systems that lie below your body surface is part of staying healthy. Your core is where your central nervous system and organs do their busy work, but also forms the base for some of the largest veins and arteries of your body. When your core muscles are strong, you will have the guarantee that everything else stays protected as you go about your business of the day.

Core Workouts

Minimizes Back Pain

Back pain is one of the common side effects of a weaker core. When you strengthen your core, it helps bring balance both to the back and front of your body. One of the CrossFit training equipment you can use even while at the office is a stability ball. This will give you a sense of instability which activates your abdominals to stay engaged.

Core Workouts

Confident Posture

People whose cores are strong carry themselves with confidence. Normally, a stronger core is associated with a tall upright posture which exudes strength. It impresses upon people that you are in control of your life. On the other hand, a slumped posture makes you look defeated and weak. For this, you have the reason to do all you can to strengthen your core.

confident posture

When heading to the CrossFit gym, your morale and motivation will keep you going even when things get tough in there. A stronger core gives you a healthy body which in turn makes you feel great. Once you are done developing core stability, you can then concentrate on the superficial core muscles that enable you to build strength which is visible. Exercises such as the bridge and plank are good to get you started.

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