Getting fit is easier when there’s a community built around it! And this is why the CrossFit Open 2019 is a series of events you can't afford to miss. 429,157 athletes participated in at least one workout in 2018. That could even increase this year as the games are growing in popularity every year. Whether you have an aim to get fitter or if you’re just starting your exercises in 2019 or you’re even super fit, the CrossFit Open can be for you. What and When is the Crossfit Open 2019? The CrossFit Open is a series of events that comprises of 5 workouts carried out over 5 weeks. The workout for a particular week is usually announced every Thursday on the CrossFit Games website. After the workout announcement, every registered athlete must have done the workout and submitted their best score online by 5 p.m. the following Monday. The best part about this competition is that anybody from anywhere in the world can take part in the CrossFit Open 2019. The events are open to anybody who's 14 and older. With 7 age groups, you'll find one that fits your age. An athlete can carry out their workout with a CrossFit affiliate who'll grade it. If you're in a location without a CrossFit affiliate, you can make a video of your workout and submit it. A judge will check your performance and give you a score. The CrossFit open is the first of 3 stages in the CrossFit Games. The Home Workout that qualifies you for the Games The top athletes from the 18 worldwide regions after the Open will go into the second stage of the games: Regionals. The top athletes from the regionals will battle it out in the CrossFit games. Following this, an eventual winner will emerge as the proclaimed: Fittest Person on Earth The CrossFit Open helps you to track your fitness levels in comparison to others—whether you’re a newbie or a senior CrossFitter. It can serve as an encouragement for your fitness tasks to set a new target towards the next events. Added to that, it's actually fun to participate in the same events with thousands of people around the world. What to do: If you're ready to participate in the Crossfit Open, all you have to do is go to to register. There, you’ll be prompted to select your gender, choose your age bracket, and pay the entry fee of $20. CrossFit Open 2019 will begin on Thursday, February 21st and end on Monday, March 25th. You can workout at your gym with a Crossfit certified judge to rate you. Likewise, you can make a video of your workout and provide a link to it. Use the CrossFit Open to raise your fitness to the next level and have fun while doing it!
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Weightlifting and strength training programs are excellent if you want to get into shape or become physically fit. While following a healthy workout regime is great, exercising without guidance and training can be challenging.  In this weight training guide, we will help you know steps, guidelines, and rules on the best exercises to try if you have just started exercising. If you have followed a strict diet or have done cardio before and have failed to witness the remarkable results, try strength training.  This way you train your body consistently, perhaps twice a week for about 12 weeks to witness the benefits like: Enhanced muscle contractile strength Improved tendon strength Increased size of muscle fiber Improved ligament strength When the above happens to you, you will feel healthier and less prone to injuries. Basic Lifting Etiquette Lifting is not just entering the gym and holding barbells, dumbbells or other heavy equipment in; instead, there are some lifting etiquettes also.   When lifting, carry a towel with you. And after the lifting, don’t leave until you wipe off the benches, machines, and equipment that you have used. In case you have used barbells or any other equipment that requires re-racking, ensure you do so before leaving the gym. If you are using a machine that another person is waiting for, don’t rest for extended periods. This can be inconveniencing for others as well.  Mistakes to Avoid Irrespective of your background, weight training is another sphere altogether that requires you to watch out for some common mistakes that can derail your performance. For instance, the weights you see in the gym are for different stages in your journey. Lifting too much too soon can undermine your form and expose you to injuries. Take your time before going through repetitions as some of the perks of weightlifting come from muscle tension during slow and controlled movements. Also, make sure to get enough rest, not too long, or too short; aim for having 30 to 90 seconds of rest. Weight Training Workouts While there are several workouts you can try, the best approach is to have a coach who takes you through each workout at least for the first few days. Some of the weight training workouts you can target are: Leg press Treadmill Butterfly Triceps pushdown Machine shoulder press Machine bicep curl Air bike Ab crunch machine These workouts will help you maintain overall health and fitness especially to the beginners who have never done any workout before. Critical Training Tips For effective training, ensure that you stay hydrated; take about 8 to 10 glasses of water daily. When it comes to diet, eat small portions but make sure to consume balanced meals at least 30 to 60 minutes before your workout. Always keep a record of your activities in the gym and track your progress. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are doing the right thing towards your goal.        
If you always happen to suffer from that two o’clock fatigue syndrome, even in the morning hours, well this article is for you. Sometimes it’s not only lack of exercise or too much Cross Fit workout; it could be for some other reasons- You’re not having enough sleep. What most people know is that sleep is an essential part of our lives- what they don’t know is that it is not just about lying resting; actually, there’s a lot more going on inside while you are asleep. It is at this point that the human growth hormone is active most. The growth hormone is a protein made by the pituitary gland in the body; it is responsible for making muscles fine-tuned and the bones strong. For this reason, having little sleep leads to fatigue, reduced strength and agility, and depression symptoms. At the end of your Crossfit workouts, you are going to need some good hours of sleep.  You’re consuming too much junk food. Many people think that sugar as a quick way to boost energy, but in the end, the effects are quite the opposite of expectations. For the Crossfitter, these are some type of foods you may want to skip or have very little of them. Research indicates that junk food puts your body in a biological slow-motion. If you want to know some recommended work out foods you should eat, click here.  You are not drinking enough water. One common cause of fatigue is dehydration. A few glasses of water may be the spike that you need more than just sugar. Try to drink a lot of water to keep your mouth moist throughout the day. You will also need to drink enough water during pre and post workout sessions.  You are not moving your muscles enough. You can jump-start your energy with activity as simple as walking. Whenever you trigger your muscles to some movement, nitric oxide is released from the artery linings to allow blood to move freely through your vessels. This activity allows more nutrients to your cells even faster. Likewise, your body will always respond to your actions; it adapts to what you let it do!