Getting fit is easier when there’s a community built around it! And this is why the CrossFit Open 2019 is a series of events you can't afford to miss.

429,157 athletes participated in at least one workout in 2018. That could even increase this year as the games are growing in popularity every year. Whether you have an aim to get fitter or if you’re just starting your exercises...

Bear Grips | 04 Feb 19

Weight training

Weightlifting and strength training programs are excellent if you want to get into shape or become physically fit. While following a healthy workout regime is great, exercising without guidance and training can be challenging.  In this weight training guide, we will help you know steps, guidelines, and rules on the best exercises to try if you have just started...


If you always happen to suffer from that two o’clock fatigue syndrome, even in the morning hours, well this article is for you. Sometimes it’s not only lack of exercise or too much Cross Fit workout; it could be for some other reasons-

You’re not having enough sleep.

No Sleep

What most people know is that sleep is an essential part of our lives- what they don’t know...