A Complete Guide to CrossFit Grips Review: Pros and Cons

CrossFit training can be intense and demanding, often taking a toll on the hands. To protect your hands and improve your grip during workouts, CrossFit grips are a must-have accessory. In this comprehensive review, we will explore the best CrossFit grips available in the market and discuss their pros and cons. Our research is based on expert opinions and rigorous testing, ensuring that you receive accurate and well-informed recommendations.

Key Takeaways:

  • CrossFit grips provide hand protection and improve grip during workouts.
  • We have conducted extensive research and testing to bring you reliable recommendations.
  • Stay tuned to learn about the best CrossFit grips and their pros and cons.
  • Investing in quality CrossFit grips is essential for a successful and injury-free workout.
  • Make an informed decision and find the perfect CrossFit grips for your needs.

Why You Should Trust Us

When it comes to CrossFit equipment reviews, trust is crucial. You want reliable information from experienced athletes and trainers who have firsthand knowledge of the products. At our publication, we take pride in providing trustworthy and unbiased reviews to help you make informed decisions about gym equipment, including CrossFit grips.

Our team consists of seasoned CrossFit athletes and certified CrossFit L1 Trainers who have dedicated years to the CrossFit community. We understand the demands of CrossFit training and have personally tested and reviewed numerous CrossFit grips. Our rigorous testing involves putting these grips through intense workouts to evaluate their performance under real-life conditions.

We take transparency seriously, and our reviews are designed to give you an accurate picture of each CrossFit grip's strengths and weaknesses. We aim to provide you with reliable information to guide your purchasing decisions and ensure that you find the best CrossFit grip for your needs.

At our publication, your trust is important to us. We deliver well-researched and objective reviews, empowering you to make informed choices when it comes to gym equipment. You can count on us to provide honest and reliable insights so that you can optimize your performance and protect your hands during your CrossFit workouts.

Best CrossFit Grips Overall: Bear Grips Titanium Grips-Fingerhole

The Bear Grips Titanium are our top pick for the best overall CrossFit grips. These grips feature a unique three-hole finger design and a lightweight carbon fiber material that provides a sticky grip on slick and powder-coated bars. The carbon fiber material is extremely durable, ensuring that these grips will last longer than many other options on the market. While they are not as suitable for barbell work as leather grips, their performance on other movements is unrivaled. The only drawback is that the circular finger holes may stretch out and be slightly uncomfortable during the break-in period.

In the world of CrossFit, having a reliable and effective grip is essential. The Bear Grips Titanium offer just that, with their lightweight and durable construction. Their sticky grip ensures that you can hold onto the bar securely, even during intense workouts. Whether you're performing pull-ups, toes to bar, or kettlebell swings, these grips will give you the confidence to push your limits. Plus, their carbon fiber material adds a touch of style to your CrossFit gear.

When it comes to choosing the best CrossFit grips, it's important to consider your specific needs and preferences. The Bear Grips Titanium excel in providing a sticky grip, lightweight design, and exceptional durability. They are perfect for athletes who value performance and reliability in their gear. While they may have a slight adjustment period, once broken in, these grips will become a trusted companion in your CrossFit journey.

Why Do You Need CrossFit Hand Grips?

CrossFit hand grips are essential for several reasons.

Firstly, they provide hand protection, preventing calluses and injuries caused by repetitive bar work. When performing intense workouts that involve hanging, pulling, or gripping movements, the constant friction between your hands and the equipment can lead to painful calluses and even torn skin. CrossFit hand grips act as a barrier, protecting your palms and fingers from such issues.

Secondly, these grips ensure a secure grip, allowing you to lift heavier weights without the risk of losing control. The textured surface of the grips, whether made from leather, carbon fiber, or other materials, enhances friction and grip strength. This enables you to maintain a firm hold on the bar or other gym equipment, reducing the chance of dropping or losing your grip during intense workouts.

Thirdly, CrossFit hand grips help maintain proper technique and form by improving grip strength and stability. With a secure and comfortable grip, you can focus more on executing exercises correctly, ensuring that your technique is on point. This is particularly important for movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar, kettlebell swings, and Olympic ring exercises, where grip strength directly affects performance and safety.

Additionally, these hand grips enhance safety during exercises, especially when sweat becomes a factor. Sweat can make your hands slippery, compromising your grip and increasing the risk of accidents or injuries. CrossFit hand grips with sweat-absorbing properties or enhanced grip features help counteract the effects of moisture and maintain a secure hold on the equipment, promoting safety during your workouts.

In summary, CrossFit hand grips are an essential accessory for any serious CrossFit athlete. They provide hand protection, enhance grip strength and stability, improve technique, and enhance safety during workouts. Whether you're performing high-rep exercises or working with heavy weights, investing in a pair of quality hand grips will help you optimize your training and keep your hands protected.


In conclusion, CrossFit grips are an essential accessory for any serious CrossFit athlete. These grips provide crucial hand protection, ensuring that you can push your limits without worrying about callouses or painful injuries. Not only do they offer enhanced hand protection, but they also improve grip strength, allowing you to have a secure hold on bars and other equipment during intense workouts.

After meticulously researching and testing various CrossFit grips, we have found that the Bear Grips Titanium Grips are the best overall choice. These grips excel in providing a sticky grip, thanks to their lightweight carbon fiber material. Additionally, they are extremely durable, ensuring that they will last through countless workouts.

If your main goal is to maximize your reps, we highly recommend the Bear Grips Titanium Grips. These grips are designed with a thin and grippy material, perfect for high-rep workouts. The thumb guard adds extra protection, while the versatile fingerless and three-finger options accommodate various grip styles.

For those on a budget, the Bear Grips Titanium Grips are a fantastic option. These budget-friendly grips still offer effective hand protection, thanks to the suede covering and secure grip provided by the longer design that folds over the bar.

In the end, the choice of which CrossFit grip to invest in depends on your individual preferences and needs. Take into consideration factors such as materials, design, and fit to find the grip that best suits your requirements. Regardless of your choice, investing in a quality pair of CrossFit grips will elevate your workouts and keep your hands protected throughout your CrossFit journey.

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Why are CrossFit grips important?

CrossFit grips are important because they provide hand protection, enhance grip, and improve overall performance during workouts. They prevent callouses and injuries, ensure a secure grip, and help maintain proper technique and form.

What are the benefits of using CrossFit grips?

Using CrossFit grips offers several benefits, including hand protection, a secure grip for lifting heavier weights, improved grip strength and stability, and enhanced safety during exercises.

Which CrossFit grip is the best overall?

The  Bear Grips Titanium Grips are considered the best overall CrossFit grips. They offer a sticky grip, lightweight design, and exceptional durability.

Which CrossFit grip is best for maximizing reps?

The Victory Grips Tactical is the best choice for maximizing reps. These grips feature a thin and grippy material, a thumb guard for additional protection, and a secure and comfortable fit.

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