An Ultimate Guide to Booty Band Workout

Resistance band comes in handy in all types of training and workouts. These bands give you so much resistance that you generally look from heavy weights. Moreover, the use of resistance bands is much safer and easier as compared to heavy equipment. 

The boot band workout specifically includes exercise for the lower part of your body to make it more strong and powerful.

Cloth Resistance Bands - Set of 3 - Varying Resistance Levels - For Hip - Booty - Legs

Role of Booty Bands

A booty band refers to a diverse style of fitness gear. Booty bands are a type of resistance band which are made up of rubber. You can place it around a certain part of your body to get more resistance while doing workouts like lunges, stretches, and squats. 

Booty band workouts allow you to target certain groups of muscles in your body by using different resistance levels of bands to strengthen the booty or lower parts. The booty band workout set contains a A resistance band for the workouts of glutes, hips, legs, and core strength.

What Do You Use Booty Bands For?

Many people still wonder about the use of resistance bands in regular fitness training. Well, being curious is a good sign that you wanna know more about resistance bands and their significance in the workout.

Resistance bands have been a training partner of fitness enthusiasts for years. They significantly help in a variety of workout routines to either strengthen your muscles or recover from injury. However, the main significance of resistance bands lies in their usage in diverse exercise routines.

  • Aid In Pull-Ups: Resistance bands effectively assist in increasing the resistance you need for pull-up workouts.
  • Boost Power: The incorporation of resistance bands in some exercises like deadlifts and box squats efficiently enhances the strength and power level. It is also beneficial for athletes in training for sprint speed, jump height, and other power-requiring sports.
  • Build Strength: People who prefer to work out at home instead of going out can benefit from resistance bands in place of weights. For exercises that need little weight, resistance bands can be a great alternative for them and improve your strength.
  • Improve Mobility: These resistance bands allow you to do a lot of mobility workouts. This leads to improved motion and movement in your muscles and body which prevents pain and injury.
  • Prevent Injury: The incorporation of resistance bands in the exercise strengthens the tissues and muscles around your knees and elbows and protects you from getting any sort of injury during an intense workout.
  • Cloth Resistance Bands - Set of 3 - Varying Resistance Levels - For Hip - Booty - Legs

    Booty Band Workout Exercises

    Here’s a list of a few workouts that you can do using a booty band to improve the strength in your thighs, limbs, and booty. All of these booty band workouts are simple to do and effective.

    1. Fire Hydrant Exercise

    • Set your position on the gym mat in a way that you stand over it with all your fours. The position in which your arms and thighs are vertical and shins parallel with the ground.
    • Loop the band around your thighs.
    • Slightly bend your back and tighten your core.
    • Swing your one leg in an outward position from your hip, while keeping the lower part of your leg straight. This way your foot can extend as per the level of your knees. Then return to the original position. Ensure that it moves slowly and gradually, without jerking.
    • Once you complete one set, take a pause, switch the leg, and repeat the process.
    1. Glute Kickbacks

    • Stand straight with enclosed feet. Attach the booty band around your thighs above the knees.
    • Put all of your body weight over the dominant leg and kick back the non-dominant leg directly from the hip without bending your knees.
    • Push it back to the full extent by stretching the booty band.
    • Smoothly come back to the initial position and start with the second leg. Repeat the process. 
    1. Lateral Band Walk

    The booty band significantly helps in building muscles of the leg which reduces knee injury or pain.

    • Wrap the band around the thighs just above from knees. Stand straight with feet apart at the width of your shoulders.
    • Lower your body halfway to come in a standard squat position along with thighs at 45-degree bent.
    • Move two steps in the right side while stretching the resistance band, and come back again to the initial position with two steps at the left side.
    • Repeat the move to complete the set.
    1. Side Leg Lifts

    • Lie on one of your sides.
    • Bend the knees for a stable position. And keep the upper leg straight.
    • Loop the band around the thighs above your knees.
    • Ensure that the torso should be straight and align with the upper part of the leg. Do not lean backward or forward.
    • Raise the upper leg from the body as much as you can without any movement in the lower back. At least go for 45 degrees.
    • Smoothly come back to the initial position.
    • Repeat the move to complete the set.
    1. Resistance Band Squats

    This workout works the same way as the traditional squat, but the only difference is the addition of a resistance band which stretches the hip abductors and thigh muscles to a high level.

    • Wrap the resistance band around your thighs and above from your knees. 
    • Position yourself in a classic squat move, but as you come in a squatting position, move both of your knees upward. Stretch the resistance band without moving the feet.
    • Come back to the original position gradually.
    • Repeat the move. 
    1. Glute Raises / Banded Glute Bridge

    • Sit over the gym mat or floor with bending knees and your feet must be hip-width apart.
    • Attach the band around the thighs or above your knees.
    • Lie down on the floor on your back with bending knees. Take your arms out and press them against the ground for stability.
    • Firstly, push both your knees from the resistance band until it reaches an angle of 45 degrees.
    • Pull your hip upward until it reaches the height of your knees.
    • Slowly land on the floor, bring the knees closer, and come back to your original position.
    • Repeat the process.
    1. Ankle Jumping Jacks

    The incorporation of a booty band with jumping jack exercise enhances the resistance in your workout.

    • Attach the booty band around the ankles. Stand straight with closer feet.
    • Now jump, while jumping space out your legs to land with feet spaced apart with toes at an angle of 45 degrees.
    • Jump again. This time bring both of your feet closer while landing. 
    • Repeat the rep to complete the set.

    Benefits Of Booty Band Workout

    Cloth Resistance Bands - Set of 3 - Varying Resistance Levels - For Hip - Booty - Legs

    1. Help in Strength Training

    Resistance bands improve your strength training routine into an intense training session. When you use resistance bands in your strength training workouts, you build muscles quickly, properly, and effectively.

    A simple way is to attach the resistance band with any other machine to lift the weight through the band. You can carry any weight. Just ensure that the weight and resistance level are balanced on both of your arms for an effective workout.

    1. Stretch Safely

    A person who does exercise regularly stretches too daily. Stretching significantly reduces the pain in muscles and joints and also prevents you from injuries.

    If you use a resistance band in your stretching, you get better flexibility and movement in your muscles. But if you notice a shake in your muscles, this means you are using a resistance band too much. Therefore, equilibrium is important.

    1. Eliminate Muscle Imbalances

    Most people suffer from muscular imbalances. It is normal to have one stronger arm or leg. Well, if you are uncomfortable and want to lift over the imbalance between your muscles, then use resistance balance in your workout. 

    Muscle imbalance may lead to bad movements which may have a bad impact on your overall life. Well, resistance bands help eliminate the muscle imbalances in your arm or leg. 

    Cloth Resistance Bands - Set of 3 - Varying Resistance Levels - For Hip - Booty - Legs

    Bear Grips Booty Band Workout Recommended Product

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    Our Bear Grips booty band set is an ideal companion to improve the weak and imbalanced muscles of your hip or lower part of the body. This can become a perfect gift for gym enthusiasts and sports lovers on special events. 

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