Benefits of Running with a Weighted Vest; Complete Guide

For people who wish to lose weight, burn calories, and strengthen their cardiovascular system, running is an excellent type of exercise. But some runners might wish to use a weighted vest to push themselves and improve their training even further.

With the aid of our weighted vests, runners can increase the resistance in their training. Such resistance can help the body be challenged in unexpected ways, strengthen it, and increase its endurance. Prior to beginning to run with a heavy vest, it's crucial to comprehend the advantages, disadvantages, and the most effective technique to begin.

Adjustable Weight Vest for Running - Tactical - Weight Loss- Weight Plates Sold Seperately

Benefits of Running with a Weighted Vest

Improved Strength and Endurance 

Wearing a weighted vest while running creates resistance for the body, promoting strength and endurance development. Your muscles will eventually become more powerful and resilient as a result of having to work harder against this additional resistance.

Better Posture

Moreover, wearing a weighted vest while running can help with posture. Your back and shoulders may experience less strain as a result of the additional weight assisting in distributing your body weight evenly.

Increases Caloric Burn

Your calorie burn while running can also be increased by wearing a weighted vest. You will expend more energy during your workout because it takes more strength to move the additional weight.

New Challenge

For runners who want to challenge themselves further, training wearing a weighted vest might offer a fresh experience. The additional resistance keeps exercises engaging and inspiring, which helps ward off boredom and burnout.

Cons of Running with a Weighted Vest

Increased Risk of Injury

Additionally, wearing a weighted vest while running may raise your chance of injury. If you're not careful, the increased weight may cause injury by putting undue strain on your knees in particular. It is not advised to utilize a plate carrier that is overly heavy; instead, we recommend using a weight vest that is completely adjustable. Verify that you can remove all of the weight and turn on the light.

Slower Speed

Moreover, wearing a weighted vest while running can reduce your pace. Running may feel more challenging since the additional weight makes it more difficult to move swiftly.

Increased Sweating 

Sweating more when running in a weighted vest is another possibility. Your body needs to work harder to support the extra weight, which can cause pain and increased perspiration. Our weight vests are machine washable, and you can use an antibacterial spray to keep them smelling nice in between exercises.

Start Running with a Weighted Vest

  1. Choose a weight vest: Selecting a weighted vest that is appropriate for your level of fitness is crucial. As you gain strength, start with a lesser weight and progressively increase it.
  2. Increase the Weight: As you gain strength, start with a lesser weight and progressively increase it. This will enable you to acclimatize to the increased resistance gradually and help prevent injury.
  3. Warm Up Before Your Run: Use a weighted vest to warm up before your run. This will prepare your body for increased resistance and assist in preventing damage.
  4. Listen to body: Whether jogging wearing a weighted vest or not, it's crucial to pay attention to your body. If you experience any pain or discomfort, stop right away, adjust the weight, and get help if needed.

Adjustable Weight Vest for Running - Tactical - Weight Loss- Weight Plates Sold Seperately

Why to Run with a Weighted Vest?

Important reminder: Before we go in, keep in mind that sometimes less is better. While wearing a weighted vest during a run is undoubtedly beneficial, pay attention to how your body feels. Give yourself some time off from the increased weight if it is beginning to strain your upper body. It's important to start small. 

Cardiovascular Gains 

As you would ordinarily run half a mile, you may feel a little dizzy. Your heart may burst out of its chambers during a half-mile run while wearing a weighted vest.

The increased resistance forces your body to exert more effort. Both your VO2 max and your lungs are going to be more robust. Indeed, a study discovered that wearers of vests had "improved running time to exhaustion" for endurance athletes.

Remember that you'll be able to run farther and faster than you ever could have once you take off the weighted running vest. Your body is capable of more than just running while wearing a weighted vest; it has been trained to learn how to do so.

Strength and Endurance

Your endurance and strength will increase in tandem with the improvement of your heart condition and capacity. Your muscles will have to work more since your body will have to adjust to running with additional weight. The best part about this is that you can anticipate these advantages extending to other areas of your training.

In addition to running, you may see gains in your scurrying, jumping, and explosiveness, such as an increased ease of control with your Olympic lifts.


If you participate in CrossFit, you are already familiar with the general concept of the activity: it is always changing. You teach your body to strive for proficiency in a variety of areas rather than focusing on mastering just one. This implies that you must constantly vary your workouts and exercises.

But it's really simple for one's physique to get used to particular movements, and then they cease to be difficult. Gains become less rapid, and you may even reach a plateau in your fitness. Perhaps you go for your usual two-mile run, but when you get back, you're just feeling blah. Your body wasn't taxed as much as it once was.

A simple method to surprise your body and add a few surprises to your run is to wear a weighted vest. This additional weight is unfamiliar to it. It hasn't been trained to deal with it. This implies that in order to break free from your fitness rut and teach your body to adjust to new circumstances, your system will need to exert more effort. And that's the main idea behind CrossFit.

Have Better 

You're putting additional weight on the top of your body when you run with a weighted vest. This implies that maintaining your posture and uprightness will require more effort on your part.

Exercise wearing a weighted vest appears to assist you in identifying and sustaining your center of gravity, while additional study is required on this topic.

Posture Improve

Slumbering when wearing a weighted vest while jogging is difficult to justify. It won't go well with your body, and you'll feel discomfort and possibly even agony at first.

For the typical person who spends much of their day hunching over a desk, a weighted vest practically requires them to straighten up.

A lightweight but effective reminder to maintain your body's correct alignment is provided by a customizable weighted running vest.

We also want to reassure you a while after you take off the vest, you will still be able to take advantage of this benefit and all of these perks. These advantages go beyond just running. Unquestionably, there is carry-over, and numerous additional components of your training are going to help as well.

Tips For Using Your Weighted Vest

Adjustable Weight Vest for Running - Tactical - Weight Loss- Weight Plates Sold Seperately

We would like to provide you with some tips for using your weighted running gear during your training.

Start Slow 

We really do mean it when we advise "start slow." In fact, before wearing the vest with any additional weight inside, you may wish to wear it by itself.

Start with a few pounds or kilograms at a time after getting your feet wet.

Injury can result from starting too hard. Proceed carefully and pay attention to your body. You have to work your way up in training, just like most other things. Consult your coach first if you're ever unclear about how to proceed. They can provide you with further advice to keep you secure and well.

Pack the Weight in Evenly 

In the best-case situation, it will feel awkward, and in the worst-case scenario, it will knock you off balance, if the amount of weight in the vest is distributed unevenly. Additionally, over time, injuries may result from needing to back up a greater weight on a single side of the body than the other. Make certain that the load is distributed evenly from every side.

Start on Flat Terrain

Start on smooth terrain and work your way up and down slopes or mountains. Running up an incline is harder on its own. Adding a weighted running vest can make the burn much more intense. A single thing at one time.


To conclude all this, there are several advantages to jogging with a weighted vest, such as higher intensity, faster pace, and stronger mental toughness. To prevent injury, it's crucial to start out gently, select the appropriate vest, and run sensibly.

Running wearing a weighted vest can be an effective tool for increasing overall fitness and performance, provided that proper technique and a progressive increase in weight are followed.

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