Exercise addiction in quarantine

Expert: Kunal Jhaveri, a strength & conditioning coach and trainer for 9 years, with a Degree in Kinesiology/ Exercise Science. CEO and owner of Bear Grips.

During quarantine, we have more free time than we know what to do with. A lot of people have filled this time with exercise. That may sound like a great idea, but it can also lead to you getting obsessed with exercise and working out two, three, or even four times a day. You can end up overworking your body, getting injured, and even damaging your overall health, especially your mental health.

Exercise can be good for both mind and body, but too much of anything can lead to serious problems. You can increase your anxiety if you don’t work out as much as you usually do, and your body won’t get any rest that gives it time to recover. If you do difficult workouts, it can even lead to serious injuries and exhaustion, causing you to pass out due to lack of energy to continue working out. Your body won’t be able to keep up with so much exercise, especially if you’re not used to it and not eating according to the amount of exercise you are doing.

The best way to avoid exercise addiction during quarantine while still working out and keeping yourself busy is to make a schedule. In this schedule you can fit in work or study, a few creative activities (like reading or learning to do origami), and a workout that is similar to what you’re used to. Always leave one day to rest a week minimum so your body can recover. As you get better and stronger you can increase the difficulty of the workout, while always keeping it to one workout a day for six days maximum. Remember that it’s important to exercise your mind as well, so you can always do a puzzle or play sudoku as a creative activity to keep yourself entertained while also looking out for your mental health. And remember to do your best to prevent injuries by wearing the proper exercise gear.

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