Powerlifting and How to Get It Right


Powerlifting is a raw strength sport that is practical and unquestionably hardcore. To be an active powerlifter, you must be dedicated to a goal. The three exercises that matter the most to the powerlifters are squat, deadlift, and bench press. In this, strength is mostly required as it’s a quantifiable metric.

What It Means to Be a Powerlifter

Much like with any sport, a powerlifting program pushes athletes to work to the edge of their physical capability. It is a demanding and challenging sport in both mental and physical sense. However, powerlifters who want to go beyond exercise and want to fully dedicate themselves to pursuing hardcore strength, this sport can be rewarding and transformative.

If you have ever attempted a bench press double your bodyweight or deadlifted weights of up to 500 pounds, you will know that powerlifting requires finesse and mental fortitude. Following are the key drivers of becoming a powerlifter.

Mental Toughness

While endurance training comes down to a mental battle against your lungs, powerlifting requires psychological composure. This is because this training entails pushing to break down and then coming on the platform. On the barbell, you will learn sacrifice, discipline, and powering through impossibilities.


If you are training with a good coach and you prepare adequately, the chances of getting injured reduce. Basketball and soccer are ranked high up on the chart when it comes to safety concerns while a powerlifting program is categorized in the same risk class as volleyball and tennis.

Rewards Longevity

Muscle workout

In sports such as basketball and football, athletes reach the peak of their careers between the ages of 20 and 30. Powerlifters, on the other hand, are at their strongest between 35 and 40 years. What this means is that you have a chance to participate even if you didn’t start in your teens.

Why You Should Begin Powerlifting

The journey being as an exemplary powerlifter starts by choosing your gym. A powerlifting-friendly gym is much better than a big box gym. In such a gym, you will learn from experienced and knowledgeable coaches and powerlifters.

Your preparedness for powerlifting also includes getting the right outfit from shoes to tees. Almost every workout requires shoes with a certain characteristic. This ensures that you maximize on the benefits of the workout.

There is a temptation to invest in specialized equipment so that you can hit the road running. The best approach is to hold off until you seriously commit yourself to a powerlifting program then you can buy whatever equipment is required.

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