Pull Up Bands Exercises For Strong Arms, Back, & Core

Resistance bands have now become core equipment for all types of exercises and workouts. It has the ability to do exercise at any place without worrying about multiple heavier dumbbells or working equipment. 

Whether you don’t want to go to the gym or do not have enough space at your house for heavier gym equipment, using resistance bands in your training program aids you in improving your whole fitness routine. 

People who have trained on equipment like barbells and dumbbells may find it difficult to transition to these resistance bands. While some people believe that without weight they can’t do strength training. However, resistance bands have the power to cover all the training goals.

The pull-up resistance band is available in a wide range of weight levels. This allows you to use them in any type of training or fitness program for both beginners and experts. The diverse range of the band’s availability helps in utilizing the band for different muscles.

Pull Up Bands

Resistance bands significantly help in warming up, strengthening, rehabilitation, and mobility.

Before starting any exercise, use a resistance band to stretch yourself. Warm up a little and then move on to your exercise. It significantly reduces the chances of getting any injury or muscle strain. Whether you use a resistance band or usual weights, warming up loosens your chest, back, and shoulder and improves your mobility in pull-up exercises.

If you are looking for better ways to improve your strength training, then start incorporating resistance bands into your fitness routine. Once you start using resistance bands in your daily exercise, you will see a huge difference in your performance over time. The bands do not depend on gravity. The more you stretch the bands, the more it adds resistance to your move. Let’s see how resistance bands can be a helpful companion in different types of exercises.

Benefits Of Pull Up Bands Exercises

The pull-up resistance band assists you in making your workout moves perfect. It strengthens your body and its movement. The traditional pull-up cannot provide the exact same strength and power that a resistance band can give you. The resistance pull-up band strengthens your muscles. It also helps in

  • Building up your grip strength
  • Enhance your stability
  • Improving your form

How To Use  Pull Up Bands?

Paper Work

  • Prepare some pull-up resistance band sets. First start with the most stronger band, then slowly move on to lighter resistance bands. Usually, the level of strength on the resistance band is shown with colors. But some resistance bands also have marks of resistance level on them. Therefore, always pay full attention while buying resistance bands.
  • Connect the pull-up band with a fixed pull-up bar in a way that it comes in the middle. Adjust both sides of the band so the bar comes in the center of the band. Note: Ensure that the pull-up bar is dry before putting the band on it. The wet bar may cause difficulty in sliding the band.
  • Slide one part of the band over the other part. Grasp the strap of the pull-up ar from one of your hands and one end of the band with your other hand. Now put the band in the strap of the bar. 
  • Pull the sides of the band down to strengthen. Firmly pull the strap downward that is hanging from the pole. This will tighten the loop and prevent the band from sliding off.

Doing A Pull-Up

  • If you cannot reach the bar, then add some assistance below. Push in some small ladder, crate, or box under the pull-up bar to easily reach the pull-up bar. Make sure to align the box with the bar, so that it perfectly comes under the pull-up railing. You depend on the platform to step over the resistance band to go down after the pull-ups.
  • Slide your main dominant foot over the resistance band. Now grasp the band and pull the band down up to 2 to 4 feet. Press it under the lowest point of the strap. Use the barbell and resistance of the band to balance your body. Ensure to wear shoes while using the top strap.
  • Grasp the pull-up bar with both of your hands. Ensure to grab it with your palms facing upward. Extend your hands to 1-2 feet from the middle of the pull-up bar as per your comfort.
  • Slide the non-dominant foot over the dominant one to keep it in the firm position. Now raise the non-dominant foot, slide it towards the dominant one, and position it a little towards the floor. This helps the resistance band to slide off while you do pull-ups. If you do not do this, it may slide off the resistance band beneath you while doing pull-ups. This can be quite dangerous for you. If you have a strong and comfortable grip over the band, then you can skip this. It is not mandatory.
  • Now activate the core. Pull yourself up towards the barbell. Tighten the core. Stabilize your body weight over the band. Slightly bend your knees and lift your off the floor around 6-12 inches. Pull your chin over the barbell with the help of your back, arms, and shoulder muscles. Keep doing it until your chine reaches at or above the barbell. Ensure to keep your back straight.
  • Gently lower your body to finish 1 repetition. Once your chin reaches the barbell level, slowly lower your body down. Gently move while controlling your body weight to come back to the initial position. Do not leave your arms hanging around or locked out. Keep a tight back and core. Once you reach back to the original position, you can continue for further repetitions.
  • Once you complete your pull-up exercise, relax your feet and arms and stand comfortably on the floor. Do not move your foot right away. First, grab both ends of the resistance band tightly and then take your foot off. If you do not strongly grasp the band, it may shoot at you when you take your foot off. 

Once you are done with one leg, you can start with another leg after some break.

Pull Up Bands

Bicep Curls

When you want to feel the burn, the bicep curls are the best move you can make using resistance bands. It will help you bring massive gains. The bicep curls with a resistance band do not work like dumbbells. Instead, it gives constant resistance during the whole workout process. 

You can easily do bicep curls using resistance bands by following these simple steps:

  • Pick the weight of the resistance band that you can manage.
  • Stand straight at the width of the shoulder. Place the resistance band one foot down.
  • Now hold the opposite end of the band with one hand.
  • Make sure to keep the elbows closer to the body. Then do the curl move.
  • For greater resistance, stand over the resistance band with your both feet on it. Do the curl. 

Tricep Extension

This workout requires an anchor or firm pool for you to perform the tricep extension in the right way by attaching one side of the resistance band to the pool. The exercise works the same as the cable pulley machine. It uses all types of resistance for strengthening and building muscles of the f triceps. To perform the tricep extension with a resistance band, go through these steps:

  • Secure one of the resistance bands with the pool. Once you secure it, pull it.
  • Stand with slightly bending knees. Bend forward around 45 degrees.
  • Keep both your elbows and hands closer to the body at the level of your waist.
  • Pull the resistance band back towards you until it's extended fully. 
  • Lose the band to return its forward to the initial position. This way, repeat the move.

Overhead Tricep Extension

You can also try overhead tricep extension. It also helps in working the muscles of the triceps. The only difference is, you can do the move by standing straight. Place the resistance band in the same way as you did in the bicep curls. Just the pulling part will be on the back side of your head. Follow these steps:

  • Put the resistance band on the floor. Put one foot on it and stand straight with shoulders apart.
  • Hold the other end of the resistance band. Take it back to the side of your head.
  • Grab the band with a firm grip.
  • Use your one hand and pull the band upward.
  • Control both of your elbows until they are extended. Now retract.
  • This move helps you work your stability and tricep muscles.

Upright Rows

This move helps you to workout your shoulder. With the help of a resistance band, you can better resist your shoulders and make it stronger. For this move, you can either grab the band closer to each other or at shoulder width apart. 

  • Stand straight on the resistance band with close feet.
  • Grab one side of the resistance band and pull it towards you.
  • Grab it with a strong grip. Now pull the resistance band upward to your chin.
  • Take a little pause once you reach the chin.
  • Now repeat the process.

Bent Over Rows

This is one of the best ways to workout your back muscles. In this, you place your foot exactly as you put in upright rows. So it is much easier to understand and perform. In bent-over brown, when you contract you must take a little pause for better resistance to back muscles, especially the upper parts. Go through these steps to do bent-over rows with the resistance band.

  • Stand while bending your knees slightly. Bend forward at 45 degrees while keeping your core tight and back straight. 
  • Lay the resistance band straight on the floor so you can stand over it with your feet on it.
  • Stand with both shoulders width apart and grab the loops of the resistance band.
  • Pull the band back while keeping your elbows close to your sides and squeeze the blades of your shoulder towards each other.
  • Take a little pause, and then go back to your original position. Repeat this move again.

Face Pull

Face pulls are an ideal way to do work for your upper back and deltoids. Generally, a cable pulley is used to do face pull but you can also perform this move with the help of our resistance band. This provides you with a thorough resistance from the beginning to the end of your workout.

Attach one end of the band with a sturdy object or pole for a strong grip. Follow these steps to do exercise for your shoulder:

  • Give a little slack to the band and stand on it.
  • Grab both sides of the resistance with hands at shoulder width apart.
  • Now pull the resistance band back while taking it up towards the face.
  • Keep both your elbows high in the air while squeezing the shoulder blades with each other.
  • For further resistance take a little pause once you get to the top.

Banded Push-Up

These push-ups are the intense form of normal push-ups. When you use a resistance band during banded push-ups, it will help to bring tension in the chest and arms for a better workout. This way you can target your pecs, deltoids, and even triceps. Use the resistance band in push-ups as follows:

  • Put the resistance band around the upper back in horizontal form and hold its ends.
  • Move toward the floor and then come back to the standard position of the push-up.
  • Make sure that the resistance band is aligned in the center of your back.
  • Hold the ends of the resistance band with a strong grip. 
  • Now do the same classic push-up by keeping your core strong as you go down towards the ground.
  • Extend your both arms to come back to the initial position. Repeat the move. 


Squats can be done in many ways using resistance bands. Most people even use tube bands for doing squats. The tube resistance bands have a strong grip and help to do the position easily. It doesn’t matter how you do your squats, your main aim is to work on your core and your quads. Therefore, do the following things while squatting:

  • Stand straight with your foot apart at the width of your shoulder and step on the Bear Grips resistance bands.
  • Now squat down. Grab the band with both of your hands.
  • Then slowly put the resistance band at the back of your neck on your shoulder and gradually stand up.
  • You can also hug the resistance band for better control. This way you can rest your whole front body on the band.
  • Make sure to sustain your breathing with every move and keep the core tight.

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