The Best Circuit Training Workout for a Lean Body

Circuit training

Nowadays, every athlete wants a lean and great body while saving as much time as they can. This combination can be delivered through well thought-out circuit training exercises. People usually ask about the best circuit training workout and do they have any disadvantages?  

Circuit training is one of the best methods you can use to achieve your body’s composition and fitness goals. However, even hardcore bodybuilders may resist taking part in this workout. Some of them believe that circuit training doesn’t help them get bigger or more defined while others fear the intensity of the exercise.

The truth is that circuit training is not for the fainthearted people. It can be tough and brutal. Just as the name connotes, circuit training involves performing one exercise after another in a circuit-like fashion. For instance, you may perform a set of upright rows followed by squats and then curls.

Among the reasons what a circuit training workout includes:

  • Time Efficiency – Circuit workouts significantly shorten gym sessions
  • Lean Up – Training in a certain way with circuits helps you get ripped fast
  • Enhances muscular endurance and conditioning
  • Flexibility – You can do circuit training outside the gym and with minimal or no equipment at all

The Best Circuit Training Workout

Much like other types of training, you cannot simply isolate a workout as the circuit training exercises. A lot of factors come into play including individual circumstances and goal prioritization. The following goals can give you some idea of what would work the best.

Bodybuilding or Body Composition


Many training programs aimed at burning fat through weightlifting are founded on circuit training. These routines are characterized by high energy expenditure which in turn leads to greater fat loss.

Workouts here include power cleans, bench presses, lunges, chins, squats, military press, deadlifts, and rows.

Athletic Performance

If you need both strength and conditioning, athletic performance circuit training is best for you. It improves fitness level, trains the body to competitively engage under varying conditions and reduce body fat. Circuit training exercises in this category include deadlift, rowing, and squatting.

Enhance General Physical Preparedness

Athletes and powerlifters are always on the frontline trying to improve their general physical preparedness. Essentially, this training enhances your work capacity. It enables you to work harder and for longer in the gym. You can improve your general physical preparedness efficiently through circuit training. The workouts here include chest presses, rows, wall backwards, wall forwards, and lateral raises.

There you go, circuit training is recommended as a basis for training because it saves time, enhances performance, and gives you the lean body that you have been targeting for long.  



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