The Ultimate Pull Ups Band Buying Guide for 2024

If you prefer to exercise more at home rather than going to the gym or outside any fitness bar, then it would be difficult to have all the fitness gear at home. 

Here comes the resistance band. With the help of resistance bands, you can achieve a higher level of resistance in your fitness exercises without having any workout gear. 

Fitness resistance bands have become a trend in the training and fitness world. If you are new to this trend and want to know more about the benefits, usage, and ways to find the right resistance band for you, then let’s read onward.

Pull Up Bands

What is a Pull Ups Band?

A fitness resistance band refers to training equipment that is highly effective, affordable, accessible, and user-friendly. It also has other names like pull bands, auxiliary bands, booster bands, tension ropes, elastic bands, and much more. Generally, resistance bands are composed of 100% natural latex which offers a varied level of e energy or resistance based on the band thickness.

Types Of Pull Ups Band

Usually, resistance bands or pull-up bands comprise elastic fabric or loop that goes around your ankle, wrists, or thighs. Well, there are also some other types of pull-up bands available, specially designed for certain movements or workout techniques. 

Are Pull Ups Bands Effective?

Resistance bands or pull-up bands are highly efficient fitness tools. Various studies and scientific researchers claim that resistance bands are a significant tool to build muscle, enhance power, improve stability, increase mobility, and decrease arthritis pain in the human body.

Many users also report that resistance bands have a soft effect on the joints as compared to weights. Anyone from a beginner to a trained fitness expert and from a sports lover to an athlete can use these bands to increase their power and stability. 

Pull-up bands have the ability to offer a varied range of resistance which can vary from few to hundreds of kilograms. You can use pull-up bands alone in the exercise or also integrate them with weights and machines to get further resistance during your exercise.

Are Pull Ups Band As Good As Weights?

Resistance bands, no doubt, are super convenient, accessible, and safe. But most people have concerns about whether they work better from weights or not. So Let’s take a look over that and find out.

Pull Ups Bands Vs. Weights

Free weights and resistance bands both are considered incredible fitness tools for gaining muscle and strength. A 2019 peer-reviewed case study compared the impact of pull-up bands and free weights over the growth of strength.

As per the conclusion of the study:

“Pull-up bands have the ability to develop similar strength in a body that a traditional resistance training does.”

There is a vast amount of scientific literature that proves that resistance bands are an incredible, affordable, and versatile fitness tool for developing muscle growth and strength.

Resistance bands do work in the same way as traditional free weights, but they pose less risk of strain and injury. Resistance bands use the gradual but consistent force of resistance throughout the whole exercise, therefore, there are very low chances of getting injured during the training. 

For instance, in a bicep curl exercise with a dumbbell, the resistance is much higher at one stage, when you bend your arm at an angle of 90 degrees. But resistance offers a more gradual and consistent force of elastic resistance which slowly increases with the pull of the band during the move of curling. The constant resistance implies that a constant force is all the time applied over the muscle without any sudden jerk on the joint.

But when you do a curl with the dumbbell, you force your hip forward and make the wrong move while passing through the 90-degree position. Because in a resistance band, you don’t have to wait for a certain point to feel the jerk as in with a dumbbell.  Hence, it is the reason why almost all physiotherapists prefer resistance bands over free weights in their rehabilitation sessions.

Well, the one concerning resistance bands in which you may get injured is the use of bad quality resistance bands that may break while using. Also, always ensure to tightly secure the band while using. 

Pull Up Bands

Buyer’s Guide for Pull Ups Band

Resistance Level

The very first thing you must consider before buying any pull-up bands is the level of resistance you want in your band during the training. The too-light or too-heavy weight wouldn’t be of much help and can be inconvenient throughout the exercise or may cause injury. Therefore, it is important to get a resistance-level band that suits your comfort level and your exercise type. You can choose a resistance band by following the buying guide:

  • Blue and Yellow resistance bands are lightweight ranging from 2 to 6 pounds and are perfect for beginners and novices.
  • Green pull-up bands are specially designed for trainers who have experience training of at least one year and want 10 to 12 pounds of resistance.
  • Red and Black resistance bands are the heaviest band with around 15-30 pounds. They are designed for highly trained fitness experts and athletes.

Also, if you have a history of injury or recovering from past injury, then it is best to start with a low level of resistance. Then after some time once you are comfortable with the band’s resistance, you can change the level.

Handles Or Loops

Gym trainers usually train with heavy weights, dumbbells, and barbells, then you need resistance bands with handles. These bands give you the same feel and resistance that you gain from dumbbells and barbells. Moreover, you can also choose loop bands. They help you to gain resistance from both your body and anchor point.

Bear Grips Recommended Product

Pull Up Bands

The Bear Grips pull-up bands are specially designed to assist you in 200-plus distinct workouts. You can use it in classic fitness workouts like bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. Or you can incorporate in your targeted training like lat pulldowns. Kickbacks, and glute. The versatile nature of these pull-up bands allows you to stay in your fitness era in an effective manner.

These home fitness resistance bands enable you to adjust your daily exercise session by choosing a desired level of resistance. The personalized feature of Bear Grips pull-up bands for legs guarantees that you can specifically target your desired areas and achieve your fitness goals easily. These are proven to be of great help in losing weight effectively.

Even the expert trainers, coaches, and physiotherapists prefer to use our incredible Bear Grips pull-up bands in their sessions. Their trust in Bear Grips indicates the level of commitment, high quality, and effectiveness these resistance bands offer to reach your fitness goals. Trainers create a valuable and practical exercise routine with these pull-up bands to make you healthy and fit.

Bear Grips pull-up bands are composed of 100% original Latex. The use of original latex makes it compact and lightweight, which makes the band easy to hold and carry. You can put it in your bag and take it with you anywhere. This reduces the worry of missing your gym training while you are away from home for a while. This ensures that you can do a whole-body workout with just one band without the help of any other fitness gear and still complete your whole fitness training session.

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