Top Rated Ankle Weights for Fitness Enthusiasts: 2024's Ultimate Selections

Ankle weights are a versatile accessory for fitness enthusiasts looking to add an extra challenge to their workouts. Whether you're walking, doing yoga, or engaging in pilates, these weights can increase resistance and help tone muscle, improve balance, and enhance the overall intensity of your exercise regimen. They conveniently strap around your ankles, allowing for hands-free resistance training which is subtle yet effective.

Choosing the right ankle weights depends on a variety of factors such as weight amount, comfort, adjustability, and durability. Opting for a weight that aligns with your fitness level is critical; starting too heavy can lead to strain or injury, whereas too light might not challenge you enough. Comfort is key, as poor-fitting weights can shift during movement and cause blisters or chafing. An adjustable feature allows for progressively increasing the resistance as your fitness improves, while durability ensures your investment stands up to frequent use.

In your pursuit of the top-rated ankle weights, consider those made with neoprene as they're typically gentle against the skin and have a snug fit to prevent slipping. The closure mechanism is also important since Velcro straps offer convenience but must be strong enough to hold the weight securely. Reflective trims can be a bonus for outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy early morning or late-night workouts, as they provide better visibility.

Equipped with the knowledge of what to look for, you are now ready to dive into the selection of this year's top performers in the ankle weight category. After extensive research and testing, we're here to guide you to the weights that will best complement your fitness journey, allowing for efficient and safe strength building.

Top Rated Ankle Weights for Fitness Enthusiasts: 2024 Edition

Ankle weights are a versatile tool for enhancing your workout routine, whether you’re looking to increase the intensity of your workouts or add resistance for strength training. In 2024, the market is filled with options that cater to a variety of preferences and needs. This list presents ankle weights that have been highly rated for comfort, durability, and effectiveness to ensure you can make the most of your exercises. Each product has been evaluated to help you find the perfect match for your fitness journey.

Bear Grips Wrist and Ankle Weights 

Wrist and Ankle Weights - Set of 2

Amplify your fitness routine with the Bear Grips Wrist and Ankle Weights. This adjustable set allows you to customize the resistance, adding an extra challenge to your exercises for increased calorie burn and muscle toning.

Premium, Breathable Material

Crafted from soft, breathable neoprene, these weights provide exceptional durability and a luxurious feel against your skin. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable, secure fit during even the most intense workouts.

Adjustable Resistance for Progression

With removable weight packs, you can easily adjust the resistance from 1 lb to 5 lbs per weight. Start light and gradually increase the challenge as you build strength and endurance, ensuring continuous progress without plateaus.

Versatile for Full-Body Training

Whether walking, running, strength training, or aerobic exercises, these wrist and ankle weights add resistance to every movement. Target your arms, legs, core, and cardiovascular system for a comprehensive, full-body workout.

Secure, Adjustable Fit

The adjustable strap with a secure closure system allows for a customized fit, preventing slippage or discomfort during your workout. The compact design ensures a natural range of motion without restriction.

Trusted Quality

Bear Grips is trusted by professional athletes, trainers, and fitness enthusiasts for their exceptional quality and effectiveness. With a commitment to durability and performance, these weights are an investment in your fitness journey. Elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with the Bear Grips Wrist and Ankle Weights. Add resistance, challenge your muscles, and experience the benefits of a full-body training session with this versatile and adjustable set.

Sportneer Adjustable Ankle Weights

When you strap on Sportneer's Adjustable Ankle Weights, you'll swiftly realize they are a game-changer for intensifying your workouts.


  • Tailor the weight to challenge every session, as it's fully adjustable.
  • Supreme comfort for prolonged use with soft, breathable material.
  • Solid, no-slip design ensures they stay put during vigorous movement.


  • Replacing the weight sacks can be a little fiddly and time-consuming.
  • Weight distribution could use some improvement for even more perfect balance.
  • The removable sacks may not appear as durable as the rest of the construction.

After recently incorporating these ankle weights into my fitness routine, I must say the adjustability is incredibly beneficial. Furthermore, the versatile weight range suits not just my warm-ups and cool-downs but also my most grueling sessions.

The Sportneer ankle weights also stand out aesthetically, adding a cheery pop of color to my gear. Even during the most intensive workouts, they do not budge, thanks to their snug velcro straps.

On the flip side, handling individual sandbags can be cumbersome at times, especially when adjusting the total weight. It might become smoother with practice, but for now, it does take a moment.

Overall, it feels like Sportneer has struck a good balance between function and comfort. The easy-to-use design means I'm more likely to use them consistently, adding that extra oomph to my exercise sessions.

Nooncrazy Weights

You'll find the Nooncrazy Weights enhance your exercises by adding just the right amount of resistance, making them a worthy addition to your fitness gear.


  • Versatility in use for both wrists and ankles
  • Skin-friendly silicone material for added comfort
  • Convenient, waterproof, and easy to clean


  • May feel scratchy after prolonged use
  • Only one size, may not fit all users perfectly
  • Limited weight options for progressing users

Adding these weights to your routine brings a noticeable difference in muscle tone and cardio efficiency. The Velcro straps snugly secure the weights without slipping, which is essential whether you're powering through a Pilates session or just taking a walk.

Their construction is a balance between toughness and comfort. The silicone wraps the steel weights nicely, so they feel robust without irritating your skin. Plus, they look sleek — a fashionable touch to your workout gear that doesn't compromise on functionality.

Maintenance is a breeze. Post-workout, wipe them down, and they're fresh for your next session. The portability means you can tuck them in your gym bag and carry your workout boost wherever you go. For those seeking a durable, comfortable, and stylish set of weights, Nooncrazy Weights are your go-to.

Henkelion Adjustable Ankle Weights

Your fitness routine will benefit from the Henkelion Adjustable Ankle Weights, offering a customizable and comfortable addition to your workouts.


  • Versatile weight adjustment
  • Snug and secure fit with strong Velcro
  • Soft, breathable material enhancing comfort


  • Can be bulky with all weights added
  • May slide down with extensive movement
  • Some may find the max 5 lbs per ankle insufficient for advanced training

Having incorporated the Henkelion Ankle Weights into my regular jogging regime, I can attest to their convenient weight customization. The ability to add or remove weights means you can progressively increase the intensity of your workouts. Whether you're taking a brisk walk or engaging in a high-energy aerobics session, these weights are up to the task.

The Velcro straps provide a reliable hold that keeps these weights firmly in place around your ankles, reducing the chance of any sliding during exercise. This is particularly important for maintaining proper form and ensuring a safe workout. The comfortable material wraps around the skin without causing irritation, which is beneficial for long workout sessions.

In terms of durability, I've found the Henkelion Ankle Weights to withstand regular use without showing immediate signs of wear. They've become a staple for my lower body exercises, and the added resistance has contributed to strength gains in my legs. However, if you engage in highly dynamic moves or run for long distances, you might notice some slipping, which could require occasional readjustment.

Remember that while the weights may feel bulky at the maximum load, starting at a lower weight and gradually increasing can help your body adapt. This gradual approach will lead to better muscle development and endurance over time. Plus, the comfort these ankle weights provide allows for a longer, more enjoyable workout experience.

JORICY Ankle Weights

You'll find the JORICY Ankle Weights transform your workouts with added resistance, suitable for all skill levels.


  • Tailored for a snug fit with adjustable straps, staying put during vigorous activities.
  • Versatile for various body parts, beneficial for a wide range of exercises.
  • Lightweight, portable design, ideal for maintaining fitness routines during travel.


  • The strap might have a limited tightness range, possibly affecting fit during intense movements.
  • May seem bulky for some preferences, potentially impacting comfort.
  • A gap can form when wrapped around the ankle, affecting the weight distribution.

When you slip on the JORICY Ankle Weights, the first thing you notice is the comfort; the mercerized cotton feels gentle against the skin. I recently added them to my morning jogs and the moisture-absorbing material kept the weights dry, preventing any slippage.

The range of weight options allows progression at your pace without the need to purchase multiple sets. I began with the 1-lb pair and have worked my way up to the 3-lb set, feeling the increased challenge and noticing improved leg strength.

Their portable and unobtrusive design is impressive. I packed them for a business trip without any hassle and found they were a perfect companion for hotel-room workouts, ensuring no break in my training routine. It was straightforward to shift from leg curls to arm lifts, thanks to the easy adjustability.

Overall, incorporating these ankle weights by JORICY into your fitness gear collection will likely rejuvenate your exercise regimen, whether you're in the gym or on the go.

Silegusta Ankle Weights

You should consider this versatile and comfortable addition to your fitness routine for enhanced exercise efficiency and convenience.


  • Made from high-quality, skin-friendly silicone with a non-slip texture.
  • Highly adjustable straps accommodate all sizes, and robust velcro ensures a secure fit.
  • Available in various colors, lightweight, and portable for a range of activities.


  • May feel slightly uncomfortable around the ankles during extended use.
  • The velcro length could be longer for a more customizable fit.
  • A 1LB weight might not be sufficient for all fitness levels seeking more intensity.

Comfort and adjustability are paramount when incorporating ankle weights into your exercise regimen, and the Silegusta Ankle Weights seem to tick these boxes. The high-quality silicone material felt gentle on my skin, preventing chafing even during long workout sessions, and the added anti-slip surface meant they stayed in place while moving.

The ease of adjusting these weights is remarkable; the bands are elastic and easy to attach, suitable for a variety of ankle and wrist sizes. During a yoga session, I could barely tell I was wearing them, yet the added resistance noticeably intensified my stretches and postures.

As someone who likes to mix up my workouts, I appreciated the practicality these weights offered. They’re remarkably lightweight and simple to transport, making it effortless to maintain my fitness routine, whether at home or while traveling. They added a welcome challenge to my walks and pool exercises, with their snug fit ensuring they never shifted position.

Remember that comfort is subjective; what's comfortable for one person might not be for another. The ankle weights fit me just fine, but based on some reviews, they could dig in slightly if worn for extended periods or on bare skin, indicating potential discomfort for some users. If customization is key for you, the velcro straps might feel limiting if you prefer a looser fit or have larger ankles. Lastly, at a total of 2LBs (1LB each), these might not cater to those seeking to add significant resistance to their workouts. That being said, for beginners or those looking to add a subtle boost to their daily routine, the Silegusta Ankle Weights could be an ideal choice.

Buying Guide

Assessing Comfort and Fit

Prioritize comfort when selecting ankle weights. Look for adjustable straps that ensure a snug, yet not overly tight fit to prevent weights from shifting during exercise.

  • Material: Breathable, soft materials reduce skin irritation.
  • Straps: Adjustable Velcro® straps offer a customizable fit.

Determining Appropriate Weight

Begin with lighter weights and gradually increase as you build strength.

  • Beginners: Start with 1 to 2 pounds per ankle.
  • Experienced Users: Consider 2 to 5 pounds or more, based on tolerance.

Versatility and Adjustability

Adjustable weights are versatile, providing a range of resistance levels.

  • Incremental Adjustment: Weights that can be added or removed in small increments allow for progressive resistance training.

Safety Features

Ensure the weights have secure fastenings and even weight distribution to avoid injury.

  • Fastenings: Reliable closures prevent weights from coming loose.
  • Even Weight Distribution: Helps maintain balance and proper alignment.

Maintenance and Durability

Choose weights with durable, easy-to-clean materials to ensure longevity.

  • Material Quality: Look for tear-resistant materials.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Water-resistant surfaces are easier to wipe down and keep hygienic.

Price and Value

Consider quality and your budget, avoiding overly cheap options that might sacrifice durability.

  • Cost-Effective Choices: Look for a good balance between features and price.

By carefully considering these features, you can find ankle weights that are suited to your fitness level and goals.

Grab your standard and reliable wrist and ankle weights from Bear Grips! 

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