Training With Wrist and Ankle Weights

You must have seen a lot of fitness influencers on social media doing wrist and ankle weights during workouts. There are tons of new brands emerging who are sponsoring their own wrist and ankle weights to these influencers. Well, if you still do not have any idea what wrist and ankle weights are then don’t worry. 

These weights are generally composed of small sandbags that go around your wrist and ankle using a Velcro strap. Most brands even change the traditional appearance of these sandbags to make them more stylish and modern. The weights of these wrist and ankle sandbags weigh from a quarter pound to 20 pounds.

The wrist and ankle weights are the same fitness equipment that our ancestors used back in the 90's and 80’s. It's just that they are more aesthetic in appearance but work the same way. Most of you are wondering whether they have any benefits while using them with other exercises. 

Well, to find out that, let’s take a look at the details of how these wrist and ankle weights work and what benefits they have to offer you.

Wrist and Ankle Weights - Set of 2

How To Use Wrist And Ankle Weights?

Wrist and ankle weights are generally used to put additional resistance in cardiovascular exercises such as walking. Multiple physical therapists have their own opinions about using wrist and ankle weights during workouts. Some believe that any fitness equipment should be used with certain limitations. No more and no less. This literally points out that weights on your wrist and ankle should not be too heavy and extra. Weight between 1-3 pounds is enough and effective for the health of your wrist and ankle.

The wrist and ankle weights work on gravity to produce resistance. However, when you use them while walking, they swing like any pendulum from hip pints and shoulders. People also use wrist weights in their yoga and pilates classes. Some use wrist weights as an alternative to dumbbells for the exercises of the upper part of the body and ankle sandbags for the exercises of the lower part of the body.

Pros & Cons Of Wrist And Ankle Weights

The wrist and ankle weights also come with pros and cons just like other fitness equipment. These pros and cons basically depend on the usage of these weights and your own fitness goals.

Most people use wrist and ankle weights safely. Well, the main thing is how you use these weights in your exercise to get the most advantage out of them. Because both of them use gravity. Any exercise in which your main exercise move is parallel to the floor turns the weight ineffective. In such cases, the weights move horizontally and it is only effective if they move in a vertical position. So you have to keep the weights light in such exercises. 

It is much better to use wrist and ankle weights for ups and downs kinds of exercises for better benefits. For instance, ankle weights can be used for glute bridge workouts and wrist weights can be used in lateral raises. These exercises are very effective ways to use weights despite running. The ankle weights strain your muscles and joints when you use them during running. It also causes hindrance in running which may lead to injury. 

If you want to use your wrist and ankle for strength exercises, then weights depend on some factors. Make sure the weight you choose allows you to complete the necessary repetitions you need to do in a strength training routine. Generally, 12 reps are needed for strength training, and above 12 are used in muscle-building training. Therefore, you must be able to bear the weight comfortably and complete your reps.

Well, if you want to add wrist and ankle weights to your walking routine, then only use 1 pound or even less weight. But whatever you choose, make sure that it does not affect your walking form. 

Using too much weight on your wrist and ankle while doing any exercise leads to a negative impact. Too much weight on the wrist and ankle directly puts stress on your joints. Not only this, wrist weights also affect the shoulder and elbow, while ankle weights affect the hip and knee joints. Moreover, it is not good to use wrist and ankle weights with intense and exaggerated exercises. 

Wrist and Ankle Weights - Set of 2

More Ways To Use Wrist And Ankle Weights

Wrist and ankle weights are significantly beneficial in physical therapies. For a patient who had a stroke earlier and therefore cannot grab weight with hands, then wrist weight would be of much help for resistance training. Many patients show positive responses to using wrist weights in their physical therapy treatments to treat balancing problems and strokes.

Some patients even report experiencing improvement in their hip strengthening exercises after using ankle weights in their physical therapies. 

One Japanese study shows that older people who have incorporated ankle weights in their exercise for around 3 months developed strengthening and stronger trunk muscles and lower limbs. Both of these are crucial for protecting people from falling. All of these predicaments show that ankle weights have a positive influence on strengthening. 

Limitations While Using Wrist And Ankle Weights

Though wrist and ankle weights show good results in using them in exercises. But they also have limitations in using some types of fitness goals. People love practical exercises like lunges, squats, shoulder presses, and deadlifts. All of these exercises mimic real-life activities. 

If you have a clear fitness goal and vision, like bringing changes in your physical appearance by getting stronger or putting on muscle, then wrist and ankle weights have so much to offer. To build muscles, just focus on doing hypertrophy training. 

You just need to add volume to your strength training and stay consistent with it. And you can easily add weights using wrist and ankle weights. Similarly, to get stronger, you need to focus on lifting higher weights with fewer reps. 

Fitness trainer advises that it does not matter what your fitness goal is, if you want to do running or walking for cardiovascular purposes then just walk or run instead of adding additional weights and make it something else.

Wrist And Ankle Weights Safety

The human arm on average can weigh around 6.5% of the whole body weight and legs weigh 10% per leg. An average man who has 75 KG weight has 4.5 KG weight in the arm and 7.5 KG of the leg each. Therefore, our ankles and wrists have a certain ability to bear weight. And if you use weights incorrectly, it may lead to unwanted injuries.

When you use wrist and ankle weights, be sure to follow these rules:

  1. If you are overweight, then avoid using further weight.
  2. Always begin with using lighter weight, then gradually increase it.
  3. Do not put weights on yourself for a longer period of time, like all day.
  4. Never sleep with them on.
  5. Before using weights, ensure to stretch properly to warm up.
  6. Avoid using weights, if you have injury or are recovering from injury.
  7. Use them only for strengthening exercises.

Wrist and Ankle Weights - Set of 2

Bear Grips Wrist And Ankle Weights Product

Bear Grips wrist and ankle weights are specially designed for the convenience of both men and women. It offers a hassle-free and seamless experience. The adjustment and securing the weights are super easy. Whether you are weaning weights for an outdoor tour or just organizing your gear, our Bear Grips outdoor wrist strap is super beneficial and gives you a perfect and comfortable fit every time.

The Bear Grips ankle weights come with a width of 2.7 inches and a length of 11.8 inches. These home fitness equipment are ideal for both women and men. They are super easy to carry and move, which makes them quite attractive gear. Use both wrist and ankle weights on both men's and women's fitness trainers, and see the results for yourself.

Whether you are considering toning muscles, building strength, or enhancing overall fitness, our Bear Grips whole gym wrist and ankle strap are an ideal fitness companion.


Wrist and ankle weights are super beneficial if only used at the right time and in the right place. It is highly recommended to not use these weights while doing intense exercises to avoid strain and injury in your muscles and other body parts. 

Also, it's best to use these weights under professional guidance for safe and effective results. Well, if you are certain to do strengthening training, then these wrist and ankle weights can be super beneficial to achieve your goals. 

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