Weightlifting Proves To Be Beneficial For Fast Burning Of Calories

Lifting weights is quite a physical activity when you want to cut down weight. The sole purpose of weights is to help you burn calories faster. When you are using weights, you should know that doing it the proper way is the key. 

You must be able to analyze your weightlifting and see how you can make it better. In normal circumstances, you can easily burn 100-110 calories just by weight lifting. 

Now if you couple it with cardio, you will be able to burn around 200 calories. The intensity of this combination primarily comprises the intensity. If you can lift heavier weights, you will burn more calories and it will help you bring your body in shape. 

If you aim to burn calories faster, then this discussion will help you understand the concept better. 

So let’s see how many calories you burn lifting weights through this insightful article! 

Lifting Hooks for Weightlifting

Aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise

An aerobic exercise as a form of physical activity that involves muscles. One fine example of aerobic exercise is cardio. 

When we perform cardio, our breathing and heart rates increase and it burns calories faster. 

Cardio which is a form of aerobic activity is beneficial if you want to enhance your body stamina. Aerobic exercises include the following: 

  • cycling
  • dancing
  • jogging and running
  • swimming

Anaerobic exercises are different than what we have explained above. These exercises don't involve oxygen intake. Instead, these exercises solely include muscles. 

For instance, you sprint and lift weights which means you are indulging in an anaerobic exercise and fully leveraging your muscles in the activity. 

Other than these anaerobic exercises, strength training is also beneficial for developing muscles which creates a positive impact on metabolism and is good for faster burning of calories at the same time. 

Lifting Hooks for Weightlifting

Benefits of Weightlifting vs. cardio

Both aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (weight lifting) exercises target your body in different ways so that it can endure stress during the activity. 


You cannot rely on cardio for muscle development. The sole reason is the nature of this exercise. 

It does not involve muscles. Therefore, cardio does not provide you with the necessary results in terms of muscle development. It is a sort of warmup which prepares your body to undergo strain given by aerobic exercises.

However, don't think that cardio has no importance in your workout regime. There have been studies that EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption) has proven positive results for people with metabolic syndrome. 

Metabolic syndrome is a serious condition and if it prevails, it can cause diabetes and cardiovascular problems.


As described earlier, weightlifting falls under anaerobic exercises. You are using the strength of your muscles for such exercises. 

Studies show that anaerobic exercises like weightlifting have better potential to increase EPOC levels in your body. Such strength exercises break down the muscles faster which results in more calorie burn. 

A study conducted in 2018, reveals that weightlifting can easily increase the BMR rate of a person that lasts for 2 days. It points out how weightlifting can help you burn calories even when you are not indulging in any physical activity. 


Everyone wants to have a superb body figure. But this is a challenging road. When you decide to work on your body, you need to be motivated and determined. 

Some factors including your body capacity, proper technique, diet, and peace of mind help you achieve your fitness goals faster. 

Below we are going to discuss different forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercises that would help you understand the importance of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in a better way.


You can easily burn up to 1050/hr calories if you run. However, factors like your terrain and speed matter a lot when you are trying to burn your calories. Experts believe that outdoor running is a better choice to make as compared to treadmill running if you want to burn calories faster. 

The reason is that the outside atmosphere will challenge your body more and you will be able to endure more strain through different terrains. 

There is also an involvement of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) while you run. You can isolate some short intervals of HIIT during your running session. Keep in mind that you need to use faster speed and more effort to burn calories faster. You can even do it at the gym. 

It is simple to do since doing sessions of HIIT during your cardio is another good strategy to prepare your body to lose calories. 


Yoga helps you burn up to 500 calories. Well, it is not a recommendable anaerobic exercise but it is good to perform as a warmup. 

Now, there are different types of yoga, and finding out what works best for you is a fascinating ride. Yoga is indeed beneficial for building up the momentum for burning calories. 

The reason is quite obvious. It involves your entire body. It develops heat inside your body which is your ultimate weapon to burn calories. 

Not only calories, it is beneficial for enhancing your cardiovascular stamina with time. Yoga includes some challenging body movements which are crucial if you want to consider faster and more effective calorie burn. 


Boxing is not only an interesting sport but also a great way to cut down your calories. You can burn up to 800 calories through boxing. 

Now the number of calories you will burn through boxing depends on the type of boxing you are doing. If you are boxing with an opponent in a ring, you burn more calories. Experts find it better since boxing with a punching bag will not deliver the desired results. 

A psychological element is also involved when you are boxing against an opponent. You sweat more, you burn more calories. The sense of competition will make you move faster, building up heat. Boxing is an intense anaerobic exercise which means you need a lot of oxygen. 

It means you cannot do boxing all the time instead, you would have to take short breaks during the activity. Spontaneous dodging is also important when you are boxing with an opponent. 


Weightlifting helps you burn up to 600 calories. This exercise offers great intensity and due to this reason, your body develops more heat which is beneficial for faster burning of calories. 

Not only weights are important here, but you should know about your body movement as well. Sometimes, you don't correctly lift your weights which is dangerous for your body and causes a strain. Weightlifting is not a competition instead you should know how much weights would prove to be effective for you. 

Weightlifting has all the potential to help you lose high numbers of calories. However, the best is to do it the proper way and only choose the weights that your body can endure. In case, you choose heavier weights, then it can put strain on your body and you might have to undergo a serious muscular injury. 



Pilates is beneficial to burn up to 400 calories. If you are doing intense pilates, you will be able to burn more calories. Other than the factor of intensity, you should also consider the surface on which you are doing pilates. Reformer class is a better option to consider for intense pilates. 

It is not a piece of cake for everyone. But it is more promising to help you burn calories as compared to mat or other forms of surfaces. 

One session of intense pilates can help you burn 400 calories which is a good number if you are just getting started. The best part about Pilates is that you increase your breathing and heart rate which is beneficial in this regard. 


You might not know it, but swimming can burn up to 500 calories/hr. It is quite astonishing but it is true. Swimming is a fun way to achieve your dream body and burn down calories. 

Leisure swimming can burn up to 400 calories. Depending on your speed and intensity of swimming, you can aim for burning calories ranging from low to higher numbers. There is no doubt that a majority of people prefer swimming as a warmup and burning calories to any other form of exercise. It is fun and intrigues you to do more. 

People with physical limitations and orthopedic problems can depend on swimming for this purpose. Even in case of body injuries, swimming does not harm your body and helps you burn a decent number of calories as well. 


Burpees are an excellent form of aerobic exercise and are quite known among fitness freaks. Burpees increase your heart rate fast and you can easily burn calories through burpees. 

Every completed set of burpees helps you burn about 10 calories which is a good number. You can slowly build up your momentum and start achieving a higher number of burpees sets later. 

Lifting Hooks for Weightlifting

Burn Calories While Lifting Weights

Talking about the ideal scenario, you require 180 minutes of intense cardio per week. Coupling it with 3 days of active strength training and HIIT sessions will prove to be effective. However, you can adapt to different workout regimes as per your body requirements and fitness goals. The best is to contact an expert and let them help you burn more calories with time. 

Compound exercise

One major tip in this regard is to engage more muscle movement. When you do this, your muscles would consume more energy and it will reduce the calorie count. 

Compound exercises are beneficial including pulldowns for burning calories faster. For example, squats and pulldowns have more potential than bicep curls and leg extensions when it comes to burning calories. 

Making the most of an exercise program

You must do 150 minutes of aerobic exercise every week and a couple of strength training sessions with them as well. Below is a list of precautionary measures so that you can perform all sorts of exercises easily. 

  • Take a break after warm-up and let your body temperature reset. 
  • Start with less weight and then increase it slowly
  • Pay close attention to your body temperature in case you are working out in extremely hot temperatures. 
  • Take regular breaks between workouts and end your session in case your body wants to give up. 
  • Wear proper gym wear including outfits and shoes so that there will be fewer chances of mishaps and injuries.
  • Do not be fascinated to lift heavy weights without warming up since it can harm your muscles. 


Now you know how aerobic and anaerobic exercises can make a huge difference in your fitness journey. Make sure to stick with the insights given in this post and keep striving towards achieving a dream body figure in no time! 

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