What Is A Dip Belt: Everything You Need To Know

Looking for ways to do strength training faster but without using any traditional weight methods like barbells, kettlebells, or dumbbells? Well, if you are really looking for such training options then smile a bit. Because you can get faster strength training without using weights with the Bear Grips dip belt. 

Dip belts make your workout a little more intense, help you gain muscles, and enhance muscle growth. Despite the benefits dip belts offer, they are super lightweight and easy to carry in your pocket. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the dip belts, the benefits they offer, and their usage.

Dip Belt For Weightlifting - 3 Styles of Belts - Traditional - Clip Closure - Metal Buckle

What Is A Dip Belt?

If you are aware of the fitness world and its exercise, then dips wouldn’t be a new thing for you. But as a beginner, you just need to know a lot about them. 

A dip refers to a bodyweight workout. In this, you allow the lower part of the body to hang between two bars by holding the bars with arms. Dips significantly strengthen the muscles of your arms as they hold your whole body weight during the move.

Dips need your whole body weight to perform the move. In the start, it would be really hard to do the dip, but soon your body learns to bear the challenge. You’ll feel no challenge in doing it after a while.

At this point, you need a dip belt. A dip belt resembles a belt used for weight lifting. A dip belt is basically used to put weight over it to get extra resistance during exercise for more active muscles. You can put a varied type of weight over it and perform your exercise effectively.

Use A Dip Belt

You can easily learn to use a dip belt in your workout to make it more effective and faster. Take a dip belt and wrap it around your waist until it gives you a snug fit. Ensure that the strap or chain is hanging beside you.

Now put the dumbbell or weight plates over the strap or chain. Tightly secure the weights. Grab the bar with both of your hands. Come in a position to do your exercise moves like dips or chin-ups while holding the bar and keeping your core stable and straight. 

Whether you dip or chin up, ensure to keep your core and breathing in control. When you use a dip belt during the move, it adds more resistance and makes your muscles challenged. Therefore, it is very important to always start with a more comfortable weight. As you learn to use the dip belt and you feel more strength in your body, you can gradually increase the weight and challenge yourself.

Moreover, you have to understand that dip belts cannot be used just as they are. You need to learn some forms and techniques to properly use them. Do not use too heavy weights, as it may strain your muscles or injure yourself. It is crucial to always warm up before starting any exercise and stretch after the workout to avoid injuries.

The incorporation of a dip belt in exercises like weighted walks and squats can add greater resistance and allow you to challenge yourself for more strength.

Benefits Of Dip Belt

Dip belts are quite underrated gym gear. They do not get as much attention from fitness trainers and sports enthusiasts as they deserve. After getting to know about the amazing benefits they offer, you would definitely want to add dip belts to your net fitness training session.

Increase Muscle Engagement

For people who are considering enhancing their muscle functionality with bodyweight workouts like pull-ups and dips, the dip belt is considered an effective option for them. While doing dips, these dip belts enable you to put extra weight over your body to enhance the resistance level and make it more difficult.

The further resistance makes the muscles of your shoulders, triceps, and chest try harder to support your whole body weight along with the additional weight. Dip belts put more resistance in your exercise which results in improved muscle and strength in your body.

Same as when you do pull-ups using dip belts, they put more weight over your body to make the muscles of your forearms, biceps, and back engage in a more challenging exercise. The added resistance makes these muscles work much harder to increase their strength and muscle growth.

Build Muscle Mass

Dip belts significantly help in gaining muscle efficiently and effectively. The incorporation of weight with the help of a dip belt over your body forces your muscles to work much harder to support and lift the incorporated weight.

The added resistance enhances the growth of muscle fiber to make it adaptive to the added weight, which results in increased mass with time. Moreover, the dip belt supports you to do dips to work over the muscles of your triceps, shoulders, and chest without getting any injury or strain. 

You can gradually increase the weight on your dip belt to constantly challenge yourself and enhance strength and muscle growth in the targeted areas. This literally means that you can get a lean muscle index in your body by just adding a dip belt to your daily fitness training effectively. 

Intensify Upper Body Exercises

A dip belt is a super efficient gear, especially for upper-body workouts. The use of dip belts surely enhances muscle engagement and muscle growth in your body. But it also efficiently intensifies your overall exercise. When you add resistance in your pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips, you are basically forcing yourself to do things out of your limits which leads to better strength and muscle gains.

The incorporation of a dip belt in your exercise enables you to constantly challenge your muscles to adapt to the current weight load and grow in size. Whether you are a beginner or a trained fitness enthusiast, the use of a dip belt in your daily training significantly enhances your upper-body strength.

Increase Balance And Stability

A dip belt is not just fitness equipment to add resistance and weight to your workout. It helps you to improve your stability and balance. When you add weight to your pull-ups and dips, your body forces itself to constantly adapt to stay focused and stable against the extra weight. 

This forces your muscles and core to activate more in the exercise which improves your stability and balance with time. Also, the incorporation of extra weight pushes your body to work harder to reach better levels of stability and strength.

The consistent incorporation of the dip belt in your daily fitness training makes you achieve better stability and control over your body.

It’s Versatile, Portable, And Affordable

Apart from the physical benefits that a dip belt offers, it is portable and a versatile fitness gear. You can use dip belts in a variety of workouts like pull-ups, chin-ups, and dips, which also make it a valuable asset for your home gym.

Dip belts are much more affordable fitness equipment as compared to other traditional weight-lifting gear. The compact and sleek design of dip belts enables you to have it in your bag and take it anywhere with you. The versatile, affordable, and portable nature of dip belts makes them an essential fitness gear that everyone should have to do upper-body exercise.

Dip Belt Exercises

Dip belts significantly enhance your muscle strength, and muscle growth, and intensify your training. Whether you are looking to build lean muscles or improve your strength, a dip belt would be a perfect companion to do so. There are a variety of exercises in which you can use dip belts. Some of them are mentioned below:

Chin-Ups And Pull-Ups With A Dip Belt

Pull-ups and chin-ups are used to build strength in your body. Both of them are quite challenging and hard to do as a starter. But they become much easier and more accessible as you start doing them. You can add extra weight to these exercises using a dip belt. This way, your muscles work hard instead of your body and you can get strong muscles.

Weighted Squats

Classic squats are easy lower-body exercises that are used to make your legs and lower part strong. Squats work your calves, hamstrings, glutes, abductors, and hip flexors. And quadriceps. You can easily add more resistance to these targeted muscles to make them strong.

Dips With A Weighted Belt

If you want to make your shoulder strong and broad, dips can be of help. Dips work the muscles in your shoulder, back, and arms and enhance the muscles. The incorporation of resistance using dip belts in your dips gives it more resistance and with time makes your upper body strong.


A dip belt is a great fitness tool. It is an effective way to add more resistance to your bodyweight workouts. You can add more weight to your body to challenge your muscles with the help of dip belts, the muscles will try harder and work to adopt the additional weight. This leads to improved strength, enhanced muscle growth, better stability, and balance. 

There are a variety of dip belts available in the market. Ensure to choose a dip belt that is durable, comfy, and strong. Bear Grip dip belts are super affordable and sturdy which gives you a great level of comfort and resistance to your desire.

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