What is Intravenous Therapy?

Intravenous Therapy

Used for decades in hospitals and medical settings, intravenous therapy, or IV therapy, has traditionally aided symptoms from dehydration to nutrient-absorption conditions. In the past few years, IV therapy has increased its presence — popping up in independent clinics and delivery services throughout the world.

Intravenous therapy helps users feel their best through rehydration…But it’s more than just H2O that brings you to ultimate wellness!

What is Intravenous Therapy? 

Intravenous therapy is a treatment that administers fluids and nutrients directly into the vein. The intravenous route is the quickest way that medications and fluids can enter the body, as they are brought straight into circulation. That being said, they can be used by the body almost immediately

When individuals ingest nutrients orally, they typically do not receive all of the benefits effectively. This is due to a variety of reasons — from the inability for the gut to process nutrients properly to the lack of tolerance for high vitamin and mineral dosages. 

IV therapy eliminates this issue. Intravenous administration allows you to receive the vitamins, minerals and medication you need — quickly and in the total amount required. 

Why Should You Use Intravenous Therapy? 

You can use intravenous therapy to increase your overall wellness, as adequate hydration and nutrient levels are key in achieving maximized health.

In addition, IV can also: 

  • Lift immunity 
  • Relieve fatigue 
  • Detoxify the body 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Alleviate anxiety 
  • Promote athletic recovery 
  • Enhance beauty 
  • Relieve illness 
  • Boost metabolism 

What Does the Process Look Like? 

Intravenous therapy is easy and safe. IV treatment is virtually painless, with most patients feeling only a slight initial pinch during IV administration. During the treatment, it’s normal to experience a cooling sensation. No major side effects are associated with intravenous therapy.

With ivee, the process of getting intravenous therapy is as simple as calling an Uber! Just download the ivee app and create an account. Select your desired treatment, enter your name, and select any additions you’d like to make to your IV, such as nausea or headache relief. When you’re happy with your purchase, schedule your delivery and enter your location. A nurse will then be to you within 15 to 45 minutes! 

At ivee, all of our carefully formulated treatments are administered by our expert team of nurses. Plus, you provide your allergies and medical history beforehand in order to prevent any potential adverse effects. 

Wellness with the click of a button? And in the comfort of your home?

IV therapy helps you feel your best, and ivee creates an experience that will have you coming back for more.

This article was originally published at iveeapp.com.

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