Bear Grips Adjustable Strength Wraps

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Stabilize weak wrists during push-ups

I was having trouble with daily workouts because my weak wrists would give out during push-ups and ache for days afterwards. I couldn't do yoga poses either. With the Bear Grips, I don't feel any pain in my wrists, either during workouts or afterwards. They are well worth the purchase.

I will go back to Bear Grips Strength Wraps every time!

These are without a doubt the best wrist wraps I've ever used. This is actually my second pair and that's only because my first pair disappeared. Between the first pair vanishing and getting this new pair, I got to try a lot of different wrist wraps. And by the time I was done trying the "others" out, it had only validated what I already believed. In my experience, other wrist wraps tend to be very bulky which decreased mobility. I understand any wrist wrap will do this but there is a certain point where its too much. Like a lot of the velcro wraps, which oftentimes have small metal slips for the velcro to go through and come back on themselves, will dig in when the wrist is bending (like during a power clean). The thick wrap hurts or the metal drives in. The the other wrist wraps similar in style to these are often times made with a cheap or thin material. I do CrossFit 4 or 5 days a week and the other guys lasted maybe 5 weeks. When I lost my original pair of Bear Grips they were just as sturdy as they were when I first got them over a year prior. The thumb loops were perfectly intact. The color didn't fade, even after many washes. Even the white writing was perfect. The wrap is a thick double cotton (feels strong like canvas) that's durable enough to beat on them day in and day out like I did. The best part is how much stability it brings while allowing just enough mobility. The lock string at the end tucks in so that when you squeeze and twist on your wrist, it will tighten or loosen the wrap without undoing or removing. I know that this may not be the end all be all wrist wrap on the market. Im sure there are some great wraps out there. Some great velcro wraps (if you do want this type, get one with less material). But I've used enough of these things to know that I'll keep going back to Bear Grips Strength Wraps.

Five Stars

Great wrist wraps that does the job right. I bought these specifically because my friend loves bears.

Serious about your lifting? Then get these wrist wraps.

Love these strength/wrist wraps. My trainer uses them and much easier to adjust then Velcro wraps.

Comfortable, moderate support for various CrossFit activities

I purchased these wraps to complement my usual pair of 18" velcro wraps. There are a ton of these cloth wraps with the string on the market, but these standout by being shorter, having the thumb strap (which really does make a difference), and having the antimicrobial properties. These features mean they are faster to put on and much less likely to have that awful CrossFit gear smell that is particularly present in the velcro wraps. And I agree with other reviewers, the cloth style wraps allow your wrist to have more natural movement which feels a lot better when you just need some moderate support, such as when doing lots of burpees, pushups or when doing lighter loads on the wrist like moderate weight barbell movements and a few handstand pushups at a time. However, I would absolutely not recommend these when doing high weight activities. You really do need the stiff wrist support that velcro wraps provide when doing heavy overhead lifts and lots of handstand pushups/walks. The main reason is because you can't get the cloth wraps up high enough on the wrist for maximum stiffness. Only the velcro ones allow you put the wraps up high on the base of your palms and make them insanely tight. The drawback is this hurts like heck so you want to rip them off the moment you're done with the movement. So that's why I highly recommend you get a pair of both styles of wraps and switch them out as needed. This is by far one of the best cloth style wraps you'll find.

How to use & wear:

product Description

Bear Grips Adjustable Strength Wraps are ideal for athletes looking to ditch traditional velcro wrist wraps. The primary advantage is that they are fully adjustable so there is no need to re-adjust or take off the wrap during your workout. Twist to tighten or loosen for your desired support with the added tough-lock string. Perfect for WOD's, pushups, push press, CrossFit and more. 




    Place thumb loop on thumb, start on back of your wrist. The first time around, wrap Bear Grips strength wraps nice and snug, the remaining wrap just wrap nice and loose. The Looser you are for remaining wraps the more you will be able to tighten when you are finish wrapping. Have string follow dotted line and tuck into loops, then twist to tighten to desire support strength.


    Yes Bear Grips strength wraps can be used through any activity that requires wrist stability or support. Bear Grips strength wraps tend to the most popular crossfit wrist wraps used by athletes. You can have Bear Grips strength wraps on through any activity in or out of the gym, and only twist when you want support and loosen when you don't need it.


    No, with Tough-Lock string, just wrap around dotted line around middle of wrap, when you get to the end of the string, just tuck in knot at top of string to the loops you just made, it will hold through your whole workout without any knots or special twists.


    It depends. You would want to twist the wrap the same way you began wrapping the wrist wrap. So if you started your wrap clockwise , twist clockwise to tighten. Or if you began your wrap anti-clockwise than twist anti-clockwise to tighten.


    No these are made of cotton and is tear resistant


    Bear Grips strength wraps are made of cotton, with stitching in the wrap itself, which keeps tough-lock string in place, for strong hold. Silky materials tend to loosen through workout.


    No. The beauty of Bear Grips Strength wraps, is you only have to wrap once in the beginning of your workout, and you only twist to tighten when you want to use them, you can have them on a mild hold, or no hold at all until you wish to add support for your wrist.


    Bear Grips strength wraps has a wide range of uses; they are optimal for pressing moving, and overhead movements. Many of these are seen in gyms and CrossFits, athletes use Bear Grips are their go to crossfit wrist wraps to set PRs in Olympic lifts i.e. the snatch, clean and jerk, strict presses and many more. The construction of the wraps being a huge factor; the tough-lock string doesn't give out, and the material gives users a strong hold on their heaviest lifts. Bear Grips strength wraps are also used in ocr races like Spartan races, tough mudders and other obstacle course races, as different obstacles may put wrists in a comprised position. Gymnastics is a very popular space as well, with all the varying holds, tumbles, etc the ability to adjust the wraps which just a quick twist makes these a popular choice. We also seen used in Boxing and sparring, or as wrist brace for carpal tunnel suffers.

  • How Do I wash Bear Grips Strength Wraps

    Hi Best washing practices is to hand wash in cold water with soap and leave to air dry.Can be placed in the washing machine but if doing so wrap the strength wrap up loosely and tie string around it to close the wrap,This is to avoid the string latching on to machine or other items in the washing machine.It is best to air dry wraps for longevity of the product.

Why Wear Bear Grips Bear Grips Adjustable Strength Wraps

Bear Grips adjustable strength wraps are a staple in every gym bag. What makes Bear Grips the best crossfit wrist wraps is Bear Grips patent pending design.

Exclusive to Bear Grips, you will find a thumb loop on their adjustable strength wraps. It is also much less bulky than other wraps on the market. With its perfect fit engineering, Bear Grips has tailored their wraps to the perfect length and width which is much more contouring to your wrists. Unlike other companies that use endlessly long material and require special knots to close the wraps. Bear Grips also boast its patent pending touch-lock string, to keep your wraps to the desired strength at all times, even through your toughest lifts.

Our goal with any wrist wrap support is to keep our wrist at about a 45-65 degree angle without resistance, to keep our muscles in the optimal angles, usually resulting in an increase of a 5-10lb lift increase, often times in your very first workout using them!

To wear Bear Grips Strength wraps, simply, start by placing thumb loop on your thumb and starting with the adjustable strength wraps on the back on your wrist. The first time around, pull nice and snug, the remaining wraps around have it be nice and light. Once you get to the tough lock string, just follow the dotted line down the middle of the wraps and tuck in tough lock string when you get to the knot at the end to the loops you just made. Once wrapped, you simple just twist to your desired hold, for bodyweight and exercises that require less support just lightly twist, for heavier exercises or for more support continue to twist to tighten.

Bear Grips adjustable strength wraps are highly recommended to anyone looking for more wrist support and to hit new PRs! Crossfitters, gym goers, Olympic lifting, power lifting, just to name a few, can even be used outside of the gym for a variety of uses to provide adjustable wrist support.