Behind the Scenes View at the Cross Training Games

CrossFit games are very sensational, and they offer so much to the athletes who have literally spent their entire professional career training for these Games. Winning or losing are the defining moments in these games, and therefore every athlete tries to put their best foot forward. Judging from the number of people who throng these venues, it is evident that there are expectations and preconceived notions about the Games.

crossfit games

As a fan, you may not have had a chance to get behind the scenes and know what is going on with the preparation of the athletes and what they are expected to do at every stage. Below are some of the aspects you may never get to see in CrossFit events such as this.

The Professional Atmosphere

CrossFit Games are a professional sporting event not because of the monies winners receive, but the manner in which the CrossFit athletes are treated. At every stage, the athletes are treated with respect and dignity, which fosters a positive experience for the athletes and enables the entire competition to proceed more smoothly. Right from the judges to everyone around, the culture of mutual respect and communication is deeply entrenched.

Intelligent Events

Games are not like the Open, which is far much limited. The Open has five events, which anyone can perform even in their garage. This has allowed for inclusion, but regarding the CrossFit exercises, it is somehow limiting.

When an athlete proceeds from the Open to the Games, they are confronted with a new set of unpredictable events such as sled pull, sled drag with weights of about 185 pounds, and many other challenges. For the athletes, it is the CrossFit spirit that pushes them on. The events are intelligent and challenge athletes in different ways. There is a thoughtful design that goes into them. Some of the events task various muscle groups while others task the same energy system, but the bottom line is that they are all brutal.

Highly Organized

Unlike other sporting events where you go and get identified at the entrance, CrossFit has more than nine stations which you pass through after getting identified. At every station, you are fitted with different things such as clothing or CrossFit shoes. There are even tailors on site who are just your clothing to ensure everything fits you well.

After the check-in day, the administrators usually have a meeting with all athletes, and their schedule is well organized. They never run behind time and every minute counts.

crossfit games behind the scenes

The Community

CrossFit is known all over the world for its camaraderie among its participants. They cheer one another on and at some point, it feels as if it is not a competition, but rather a friendly union. It is a competition, and therefore, the mindset people have while coming into CrossFit Games is that of self-focus and reclusiveness. However, the story is different, and the sense of community cannot be hidden. There is outright friendliness from fellow competitors, and this is what makes the entire sport beautiful.

If you only got a chance to see the behind the scenes events, you would walk away appreciating that indeed CrossFit Games is a totally different ballgame from your ordinary CrossFit events.

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