The Top Cross Training Boxes in the United States

Best CrossFit Boxes

Success in Cross Training depends on a number of factors amongst them your discipline, determination, choice of coach, and many others. One of the main pillars that will push you towards Cross Training training success is the Cross Training gym. It can be quite a challenge especially for newbies picking the right box to exercise not just in America, but any other place. To help you jumpstart your search, below are some of the favorites Cross Training boxes in America.

Reebok Cross Training 5th Avenue

Reebok CrossFit 5th Avenue

This gym is based in New York City, and it is a massive 10,000 square foot training facility. It literally makes you forget that you are in the middle of Manhattan working out. There is a wide array of equipment ranging from ropes to pull-up bars, to free weights, and kettlebells to exercise with. Another advantage is that the Reebok Cross Training 5th Avenue gym is so spacious that you won’t feel confined as you max out high-intensity WODs. There is a Reebok Fit-Hub store from where you can stock up on various Cross Training gear items.

I Am Cross Training

I Am CrossFit

This is a Miami-based box that has virtually everything a Cross Training might look for; from Yoga to boxing to kids’ classes and even Cross Training nutrition training. In the whole of South Florida, I Am Cross Training is the largest box covering 20,000 square feet. Year after year, I Am Cross Training hosts several events including Summer Crush Games and inter-member competition.

Cross Training Fenway

One outstanding feature with this Boston, Massachusetts gym is that it offers specific coaching in much smaller classes which max at 10. The most important goal of these classes is to ensure every Cross Training receives personalized attention in the Cross Training training. By ensuring that there is enough equipment, space, and time to complete all workouts, Cross Training Fenway has its priority on the needs of the athlete. This box also offers classes for all levels including supplemental endurance training and competitor training.

San Francisco Cross Training

Located in Francisco California under the Golden Gate Bridge, this gym which was founded in 2005 ranks as one of the earliest Cross Training affiliates in the world. The breath of fresh air at San Francisco Cross Training is one of the distinguishing features of this box. It is predominantly outdoor-based and boasts some of the most prominent members such as Diane Fu, the Olympic lifting coach, and Brian Mackensie of Cross Training

Cross Training NYC

CrossFit NYC

This is the oldest gym on the east coast with over 1,000 members and weekly classes totaling to 200. Though it may give you the impression of a populated box, Cross Training NYC still gives you a personal feel especially at the monthly fundraiser events and happy hours. Its massive space measures 25,000 feet and gives climbers a real challenge by allowing them to climb all the way to the second-floor gym.

Other gyms you may want to grow your Cross Training workout discipline in, include Windy City Cross Training located in Chicago, North West Cross Training based in Seattle, DogTown Cross Training located in Los Angelos, and Cross Training Central in Austin, Texas.

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