Understanding the Different Types of Sports Shoes Soles

Workout Shoes

Motivating yourself to exercise can be a challenge on its own; let alone the task of choosing the kind of shoes for the sweat sessions. However, believe it or not, getting the right shoe can make your training experience exciting. Cases abound of athletes who have faced injuries as a result of using the wrong types of shoes.

The question is, what do you look at when buying a shoe? There are those who go with brands while others are attracted to the appearance of the shoe. While that is fair enough, the best place to start when looking for a new pair of athletic shoes is the sole.

Walking Shoes

 Walking Shoes

If you are planning to predominantly use your shoes for walking, look for a pair of shoes that has extra cushioning on the soles, is lightweight, and supportive. Such kind of shoes will adequately support the ball and heel of your foot. In case you are suffering from arch pain or arthritis, you must look for a rocker sole. This is because rocker sole will encourage your feet to roll in a heel to toe motion.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

When choosing a running shoe, the most important consideration is shock absorption. Buying shoes with soles that are made from carbon rubber will give you more stability and will last you longer despite their stiffness and heaviness. If you have flat feet, avoid highly cushioned running shoes and instead go for flatter-soled shoes. Although cushioning important, but at the same time, thin-soled shoes allow for more sensation.

For aerobics, blown rubber-soled shoes are more popular because of their high level of shock absorption.

Cleated Soles

Cleated Soles

If you are into sports such as soccer, baseball, and football, you need shoes with cleats. Cleats refer to small metallic or plastic protrusions which make it possible for you to freely move on grass or other soft materials. There are some cleats which come together with the sole which for others you have to clip them on. Baseball and football cleats often have spikes under the toes. For soccer, the cleats do not have a toes spike because this would drag and hinder kicking of the ball.

Court Soles

Basketball Shoes

Athletes who play their sport on the court such as volleyball, basketball, and tennis should go for soles that are light, flexible, and durable enough to allow for swift and sudden side-to-side movements. Unlike CrossFit shoes, shoes designed for court sports require a softer sole, a hard court, and great tread for better traction.

There you go! When out looking for sports shoes, go for shoes that will serve you well either in the gym or outdoor sports.

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