Beginner Cross Training Class – What to Expect

If you have made a decision to join CrossFit, you are in safe hands, and you will never regret it. CrossFit is a sport that will benefit you and enhance your personal development right from day one. While it is true that there is some learning to do at the lingo level, within a short while you will be good to go. Indeed, the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step and CrossFit classes are that step.

crossfit classes

There are several things to expect from your first classes in CrossFit and amongst them include:

A Social Environment

The gym is your new-found family where your success is celebrated by all. Although it takes time for everyone to know you, you can expect a warm introduction by the coach and a befitting welcome from the rest of the CrossFit athletes.

Athletes of Different Levels

CrossFit Class

When you come for your first workout of the day, the people surrounding you will be drawn from different abilities, skills, sizes, and shapes. This notwithstanding, all of you will be unified by the fact that you are under the umbrella of CrossFit athletes. This is important because it helps you in realizing your right place to achieve whatever fitness goals you have planned to attain.

New Terminology

You may have gone through foundations and acquainted yourself with some of the terminologies such as cleans, snatches, and lifts. However, there are a lot of other acronyms that you need to know so that you can be part of the community and effectively engage in the workouts.

Some of the common terminologies include:

CrossFit box – This is the gym where all the workouts take place
WOD – This an acronym for the workout of the day. It is the workout you will perform during the CrossFit class.
AMRAP – This refers to as many rounds as possible. Usually, the clock in the gym is capped at a specific time, and your goal is to complete as many of the workouts as possible before the time elapses.
ATG – Ass to grass. This is a term fondly used to refer to a full depth squat.
RX – As prescribed. In CrossFit gym, each WOD has specifically prescribed weights you should use during the workout. This is just a suggestion, and you can scale the workout to accommodate your fitness level.

Personal Attention from the Coach

As a fresh recruit into CrossFit, you will not be taken through the toughest workouts at one go without a coach holding your hand. The coach will be right beside you as you execute your first movements. This is because CrossFit coaches are professionals and their primary interest is for you is to move efficiently and safely.

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