Building Cardio Fitness through Cross Training


CrossFit is a high-intensity sport that blends functional fitness including kettlebells, Olympic lifts, and calisthenics with the competition. It offers you a unique way through which you can build your cardio fitness. To get the most out of this sport, you should consider joining a CrossFit gym which is alternatively referred to as a box. Through the WOD at the box, you will enhance your strength, power, and stamina.

Shifting from Sedentary to Solid


As you gradually shift your lifestyle from the couch to the CrossFit box, you will notice your cardio improving. A study that was done in 2013 and published in the Journal of Strength and Conditional Research revealed how the participants improved in VO2Max in just ten weeks of training. The training involved exercises such as overhead press, squat, and clean and snatch done in quick succession.

From this study, we can base our argument that a CrossFit workout program involving intense moves can significantly improve your cardiovascular ability even if the workouts are short.

Within the period of training, your body will make notable adaptations at the cell level such as oxygen usage, fuel metabolism, and waste removal by multiplying the number and increasing the function of your mitochondria.

Boosting Your Stamina and Fitness Levels

CrossFit Training

You may not be a beginner in workouts and training, but you may want to increase your fitness levels. CrossFit can help you to improve your stamina and boost your speed on the trail, track, and slopes. Through the strength and power gained with the help of CrossFit, you can exercise for longer durations, and your muscles will not exhaust. For competitive athletes whose first love is endurance sports, CrossFit can enhance their cardio.

There is a temptation in CrossFit to simply settle at the WOD. This may be inappropriate particularly for your personal needs. You have to go beyond and replace your junk miles with CrossFit workouts that are targeted.

The type of exercises that are best for you largely depends on what your goals are, but to start you off following are some of the suggested workouts.

Core CrossFit Workouts – In this category, exercises such as V-ups, hollow rock, and toes-to-bar are recommended.
Plyometric Moves – This group of exercises brings together workouts such as single-leg hops, jump rope double unders, and burpees.
Bodyweight Exercises – Here, workouts including pull-ups, dips, step-ups, and push-ups can do you a lot of good.
Functional Resistance –This category of CrossFit workouts brings together back squats, kettlebell swings, and push presses.

CrossFit Exercises

Most endurance athletes pick a handful of these exercises and include them in their CrossFit workout plan. Concentrating on these moves for 20 or 30 minutes for a period of 3 to 4 times a week can bring you the transformation that you are looking for. Combine this with other targeted cardio training in your fields such as swimming, running, cycling, triathlon, and skiing for the best results.

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