Cross Training Goals – How to Set Effective and Achievable Targets

Some people measure their performance and get satisfaction from the fact that they hit the box 4 to 5 times a week. Did you know that you can religiously visit the gym so many times and yet fail in making progress? This is true in most cases where effective goals are not set. Goals help in improving performance in various ways. They help in pushing you to concentrate more on your efforts and less on derailers.

CrossFit Goals

To reach your maximum possible potential, you need to set and achieve your goals. Below are tips on how to get this done in and out of the CrossFit gym.

Effective CrossFit Goal Setting

Goal setting is seemingly an intuitive and simple process, but the reality is that this is not necessarily the case. You need to think through the goals that you set because they can either make or break your performance. There are several factors that influence how effective your goals are. For instance, the goals should be clear and specific. Don’t say you want to lose weight, but instead say that you will lose 40 pounds. Also, your goals should be measurable, realistic,and have a deadline. 

CrossFit Goals

Ineffective goals tend to be vague, and because fitness is undefined, you have no way of knowing whether you have achieved the goal or not.

Take it as a Challenge

Don’t slide into the comfort of setting easy to achieve goals. When goals are too easy, they do not demand much from you, and as a result, they hinder your growth. A comfort zone is such a nice place, but it doesn’t promote progress. Your goals should challenge you by stretching your potential without breaking you. Challenging goals help in keeping individuals motivated and engaged while at the same time pushing them to attain pick performance. Goals that test your abilities will inspire your WOD workout and enhance your results.

Fire Up Your Commitment

The degree to which you attain your goal depends on your level of commitment. While this may seem obvious, there are people who fail to take the necessary steps that actively increase their commitment to their goals. There are three ways you can consider in enhancing your commitment.

CrossFit Goals

• Connecting your goal to your larger life values.

• Sharing your CrossFit goal with your CrossFit community for accountability.

• Getting an accountability partner who will help you monitor your progress and support you in trying times.

Keep the Entire Process in Mind

When setting goals, don’t be blinded not to focus on the process. There is a tendency to engage more on the outcomes and fail to bring into perspective the much-needed behaviors that will help you attain the outcomes. People who use process-goal appropriately, achieve their goal much faster and sustain long-term habits.

Most gyms have goal setting as part of their CrossFit for beginners’ programs. However, you should own these processes because it is for your good to take goal setting seriously. It can take your CrossFit results to the next level!

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